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Hello everyone!
I thought I'd post here displaying the various traditional badges I am open for making! I hope that you'll find my prices fair, and I'm even willing to haggle a certain amount for you to be able to get the badge you'd like!

(For anything 18+ I do require some form of proof to your age. Especially since these are shipped to you.)
And yes all badges come laminated.

I WILL draw:
- any gender
- any species*
- general artistic nudity

I WILL NOT draw:
- apes/monkeys or humans
- overly detailed backgrounds
- extreme 18+ material ( can be discussed )

On occasion I may be going to a convention near you! If you are also attending this convention, I can personally deliver it to you at the con!

-TinyPaws Con: Danbury,CT : Sept 8th-10th
-Furpocalypse: Under Discussion

(click the Xs)
Generic Headshot badge: X
Booty Badges: X | XX
Drink Floatie: X

prices are sometimes handled on a case-by-case basis, meaning if you have an overly complex character the price may go up, or if you want an overly complex position/theme, the price will go up, etc.

Generic Headshots: 20$ (each of these are MADE TO ORDER - completely custom)
Booty Badges: 15$ (these are made off a generic sketch and modified to fit your character)
Drink Floatie: 15$ (first person to order one gets 5$ off! - as I've yet to use this base)

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