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(Commission) Selling: Traditional Comic Commissions - 25-65USD


Lurker by trade

I'm doing ink and marker comic commissions!! :D these are base prices, so they’re adjustable depending on the page. I hope the FAQ isn't too confusing for people.

email is differentjasper@gmail.com, or just message me here on the forum ^v^

examples in higher quality: strip 1, strip 2, small comic, full page 1, full page 2

  • Half of payment upon agreement on a price, rest upon completion, refundable if I can’t is preferred
  • Please note that it’s fine if you use my art for anything non-commercial, but credit me if you do! Preferably by linking back to me, or by having my name next to the image.
  • I will likely post the piece unless you request otherwise.
  • I charge for every major edit after I send a sketch for approval, but feel free to ask for more examples or check ins to make sure you get what you want before then, those are free.
  • I can do Venmo ($differentjasper) or paypal (differentjasper@gmail.com)
  • Do not try to commission anything with sexual themes if you are under 18.
I can do:
  • ships
  • OCs
  • fanart
  • gore
  • mild nsfw
  • from description
I cannot do:
  • mecha from description
  • explicit assault
  • racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc
  • pro ana
Mini FAQ:

What does mild NSFW mean? It means fade to black scenes, implications of sex, or nonsexual nudity. Gore technically also falls under the category.

Have you seen my commission request yet? I try to check my email daily! If you just sent it in the last 12 hours, maybe wait a little longer before checking in.

Can you please not post my commissioned piece? Sure. If you want your piece private, the only place it will be is in email, or privately hosted on imgur.

Could you draw something for me without a reference? I love doing character design, so feel free to ask what I need to draw a character if you don’t have a reference! :) Just be aware that I will add on a design cost to your piece, somewhere between $40-75 per character I design.

My question wasn’t on the FAQ? Feel free to email me about anything, even if you aren’t planning on buying at the moment! I’m happy to answer questions, and if I get enough of one, I’ll add it to the FAQ.

[Image description: A commission sheet titled “differentjasper’s Traditional Comic Commissions”. It has various types of comic examples. There are small comics, at $25, comic strips, at $40, and full pages, at $65. Each are circled with a primary color and each comic within is divided with a dotted line of the same color.]