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(Commission) Selling: Traditional Copic and Posca Badges - $40/$50 !!


AKA cosmonautiks
hello everyone! i'm taking traditional copic and posca commissions. please check em out :)

some helpful info:
-come laminated with a badge clip
-will be mailed out within one week of completion! each comm will take 1 day - 2 weeks to complete. from that point it will be immediately mailed
-no kink/fetish work but nudity is okay!
-if you have questions just ask :)
-please send me a private message to order.
examples of my art can be found here

these commissions help me pay for my basic needs, college, tabeling at conventions, and taking care of my cat. if you can't commission, please consider sharing!
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AKA cosmonautiks
I forgot I was doing these lol, they're still open! However I'm currently on vacation so it'll be about a week before I get back to my laminator and have them shipped out, please take this into consideration if you're interested in getting a commission.