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(Commission) Selling: Traditional Copic commissions! [35-60USD]


serial drawer
Given that I'll be away from my tablet for two weeks, I've decided to try out copic commissions to fill up my time. :0c

Colored Commissions
Fullbody = 60 USD
Halfbody (waist up) = 50 USD
Bust (shoulders up) = 45 USD

B&W Commissions
Fullbody = 50 USD
Halfbody (waist up) = 40 USD
Bust (shoulders up) = 35 USD

All commissions will be drawn on A5 marker paper; colours might be slightly different from the photograph. I have a limited color palette (basic 36 colours sketch pack + ex-2 + 12 wg colours). Ask about physical shipping.
Payment will be done through PayPal (half upfront + half after sketch)
PM me on here or on FurAffinity!

I will draw:
  • Humans & Humanoids
  • Furries / Anthros
  • Some props
  • Slight to moderate gore
  • Slight suggestiveness/nudity

I won't draw:
  • NSFW
  • Fetish art (cubs + pregnancy + etc. included)
  • Complicated armour
  • Mecha

Please respect these - I have the right to deny your commission on any of these grounds!