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Safiir Riskovat

New Member
Hello Everyone~!

What I will draw :

  • Couples - M/M F/F M/F
  • Tasteful nudes & Pin-ups
  • Furry & Human/humanoids
  • Original Characters
  • Fanart
  • Gore/Macabre
What I will not draw :
  • NSFW or revealing private areas
  • Hate art
If you want the piece delivered to you, Shipping Fee is $2; Please let me know in the PM if you want the piece delivered or I will assume you don't want the piece delivered.
It will take at most, a month depending on the details of the commission
I'll start on your commission only after receiving your payment; If you prefer to pay me half up-front first then the other half after it's done, this is an option too!
If you have any questions, ask me! I'm happy to answer!
I will send you my paypal link through the PM.

P R I C E S :

Themed Waist-up Portrait : $40 USD for Single; $60 USD for Couple
- 9 x 12 inches
- Only One Theme.
Ex. : Stars, Cherry Blossoms, Halloween, Rain, Etc...


Fullbody : $60 USD for Single; $80 USD for Couple
- 9 x 12 inches
- Detailed Background


Tasteful nude of a couple: cherryblossomink.deviantart.com: The sheeps!!!

Chibi : $25 USD each
- 7 x 10 inches
- Simple Background


Chibi Character Study : $65 USD
- 7 x 10 inches
- Will have 3 - 5 chibis in page
- Single character only!