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Trans Rights Are Human Rights

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Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.
I only know what I was told when I saw you leave the server. I expressed surprise that you were there since you never posted anything (why didn't you welcome me? :confused:) and was told you were blocked from the politics section because of all the fights you caused, and had since pretty much stopped posting completely.

Silent compliance, hah. A conversation was going on and I actively tried to stop it by subtly suggesting it should be stopped, then tried to steer it to another subject. Do you comply and support every single thing said here on the forums if you don't directly comment on them?

Hey, you know my Discord. ;)

For what it's worth, we can just talk.

Haha, that's rich. You disagree that no one is innocent? You of all people know exactly why that's wrong.

But regardless, I can't defend the statements and did not at the time.
I don't want this to overshadow the scummy chat you had with your buddies in bigotry, but I feel there were a few innocent people on these threads.

One that struck me was an acquaintance I don't really know too well, but I have seen them talk publicly about their struggles being non-binary.

This person has never been involved in any kind of drama here and the only posts they make are thoughtful insight and amazing art.

This person did raise objections about how people need to air their negativity on trans threads and got rude remarks they didn't respond to in return.

I'd call them innocent along with all the trans users who feel intimidated on here by the persistent bullying that certain subset of users like to engage in.
Not open for further replies.