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The sheep
This game is simple, pointless, and it isn't built to last. By nature it will fade away quickly, but I still feel like it could be a little bit fun before it sinks to the bottom of the page when we start running out of furs to poke fun at.

Pick someone and give them a new fursona species. It could suit their personality or simply be an animal you would prefer them to be for whatever reason.

Two rules:
- One user per post. (No double posting obviously.)
- Once a name is taken, the transformation is permanent! High stakes here so snag your favorite users while you can.


You are now a Baboon with a big red callused butt.

- Yakamaru = Baboon
- Akartoshi = Arctic Fox + Potato??
- Simo = Porcupine
- FluffyShutterbug = Pig
- -..Legacy..- = Donkey
- Crimcyan = Canadian Goose
- Mabus = Cat
- FuzzyLumkin = Fox
- Ravofox = Skunk
- Ginza = Fox
- BahgDaddy = Red Panda
- Water Draco = Miniature Poodle
- SveltColt = Racoon
- ChromaticRabbit = Fossa
- ALoveableBunny = Wolf
- FoenixBlood = Hamster
- Alstren = Orca Whale
- BiscuitFister = Badger
- Dogryme6 = Turtle
- Open_Mind = Jackal
- Yvvki = Snow Leopard
- Mr. Fox = Wingaling Dragon
- Bam_Bams = Parrot
- Fenrir Likan = Fox
- Dragoneer = Texas Armadillo
- Steelite = Squid
- ConnorTheSkunk = Spotted Skunk
- Liam The Red = Delphox
- KimberVaile = Yak
- AstusTheFox = Capybara
- Nimilex = Dove
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Woof? Woof
Now that is one weird way of telling me you want some ass.. <3


You are now a porcupine looking like you want to cuddle everything you come into contact with.


The violent man-eater
simo. you are now a flatworm


The sheep
Should I make it a one shot deal so everyone just gets a new fursona each? I don't think I thought this through enough.


The sheep
I'm going to make that a rule since Simo was never officially poked and knows not of his flatworm-ness. Jay and my own last post about Mabus don't count, and I'll edit the top post. Permanent is better.

Enjoy being a pig @FluffyShutterbug


Professional Watermelon Farmer
I feel so relieved!

@Ravofox : You are now...

wait for it...

A Skunk!


Woof? Woof


Can't resist this repost


( www.furaffinity.net: Seeya next year, orange. by Kenket )

@ BahgDaddy, you are now a wah or red panda!


The sheep
Not so fast @Fuzzylumkin , changes are permanent so I stay an anteater I guess. Lots of other unsuspecting furs to choose from though.

EDIT: List at top now. Hopefully this thread can keep it's shit together a little better after this. No promises...
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Professional Watermelon Farmer
@Water Draco : You are now a miniature Poodle!

Oh..and I like Alpaca, but I'm already a Porcupine!

The OP made these two rules:

Two rules:
- One user per post. (No double posting obviously.)
- Once a name is taken, the transformation is permanent! High stakes here so snage your favorite users while you can.

But I wouldn't mind being an Alpaca...for a few days : P


The sheep
Yeh the thread had to evolve to survive because I lack foresight. I think I'm done messing with it now... we'll see.

Oh man I can't spell lately. I fixed that too! Thanks Simo.