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Image/Thumbnail Problems: Transparent image has white border around image


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I have uploaded a transparent thumbnail, and every time I try to upload it, it adds a white border around the icon. Like thus.

This happens even though I upload it as a gif image. If I try to upload it as transparent png, it turns the background black when it converts it to gif.

I know this is not an error of the image file itself, but rather FA's avatar upload backend. The original image in photoshop does not have the white line.
In fact, here's a copy of the image, saved off of PS, with a red background to show there's no white border.

Is there any way to actually UPLOAD this avatar without a white border going around it, or is the site software that flawed?


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Go have a look at the .gif you have saved with the transperant background, before uploading it, it might have the white border there too. To remedy this, you'll need to make the edge of the image hard rather than soft, and preferably black, all before saving it as a .gif. Hope this helps!


Biggest buttplug ever
I had the idea to check for that before I saw your reply, I was going to take my gif image and put it in a temp web page with a color background, and sure enough the white border was there. It's not in the actual PS file, but when it saves it adds it for some reason. I had to save it with different settings in order to get it to work right. Thanks.