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Traumatizing movie scenes you remember from childhood?


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I've always been a tough guy, so I wouldn't say it traumatized me, but...
Been watching horror movies my whole life. Watched Child's Play movies as a toddler.
I knew they were fake and enjoyed the artistry, I guess. According to my mother.

Anyways. Nothing horror-related scared me. Thought dead deer on the road were cool. Yadda yadda.

Took me til I was 16 to see something that actually made me uncomfortable:
The hobbling scene in Misery.
It felt visceral and realistic. Like it's something that could happen. Like something you'd read about in a real life newspaper.
I know the book is more grim but I saw the movie first, and I don't think just reading it would have done it for me like watching it did.


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Oh, another one: The 1985 movie Cat's Eye with a cat, a troll and Drew Barrymore. I watched that movie late one night (with my mother, of course) sometime around 1988 or so and haven't seen it since. When I was in the fifth grade the class went camping around Halloween and the movie they decided to watch was Cat's Eye. I sat out the entire time because it had scared me so much when I saw it like a year earlier. I'm 41yo now and still haven't watched it again.


When I was younger I used to be petrified at Billy the Puppet from Saw. I couldn't be in the same room if I saw an image of him or on TV, and that haunted me for many years.

Got over it eventually but there was something about the puppet that always got to me compared to other horror characters which had no effect on me.


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The movie Signs freaked me out as a kid. There was a scene where one of the characters is moving a tv set, and you can suddenly see the alien reflected in the screen. I wasn't used to scary things happening during mundane scenes in movies- they're supposed to warn you first with darkness and scary music! I was afraid to look into reflective surfaces for a while after that.


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Not from childhood, but as an adult the movie The Possession freaked me the fuck out. It's about a little girl possessed by a demon, but (twist) it's a Jewish demon and they need a rabbi who believes in these kinds of things to end it. Part of what I loved about it was the fact it was about exorcism, but without a Catholic-centric mythology.

As a child, The Exorcist and Fright Night freaked me out. Me and my sister went to bed with bibles and garlic salt respectively.


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The concept of death, or even the word death, was enough to drain the colour from my face when I was a wee child.

To list some that aren't already here- my parents assumed that cartoons were for kids and rented Princess Mononoke for us to watch. Cue a man losing both arms in the first few minutes and I was out.
The part where a guy gets ripped in half from the two dinosaurs in Jurassic park.
Noticing the skulls in Gaston's eyes when he falls gave me a jump.


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When I was a kid I HATED gremlins because the scene where they put one in a blender freaked me tf out. I haven't seen it since lol

Rhys Tieran

The 'egg' scene thing from the movie Dreamcatcher. I don't even know if it was alien eggs because the last time I saw the movie was at least 15 years ago, but just that red mist stuff all around that cabin just freaked me out for some reason. It doesn't bother me today, but I remember that vividly.


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The film itself had plenty of scenes that could be deemed "traumatizing" for a four year old kid, but The Plague Dogs (1982) had an opening sequence which shows one of the main characters, a dog, drown and then end up being resuscitated for a cruel experiment. Relatives bought it for me on VHS thinking it was for kids because it was an animated film. Nope.


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So a few years ago I watched this movie called "The Fly" and while I wasn't really that young, the movie scared me so much that I'm still heavily aware of it nowadays.

The worst part was that it seemed like it was going to be a really wholesome movie at first, and I usually like wholesome so that's why I stuck around!

(Assuming that it's supposed to be a horror movie of sorts, it definitely did a great job at what it wanted to do so no complaints regarding that.)

I wonder if anyone else knows this one?

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Now I remember: The taxidermied woman.

It's from Galaxy Express 999 (was a series of anime instead of a movie back then).

In that universe, human is treated as animal and the robot-ified human rules the planet. The protagonist's mother was hunted down, later, the protagonist went on a revenge heist on the hunters. His taxidermied mother,
naked and cut off from the stomach,
was there.

I was a kindergarten kid at the moment...


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Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" scared me to death when I was a kid. Especially the scenes where they found the dead man in his bedroom with his eyes pecked out, the attack on the school, and the woman trapped in the phone booth with the birds kamikazing the glass trying to get to her.

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The hospital scene in E.T. is pretty traumatic. I suppose it's meant to be.


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Alfredo Hitchcock's "The Birds" scared me to death when I was a kid. Especially the scenes where they found the dead man in his bedroom with his eyes pecked out, the attack on the school, and the woman trapped in the phone booth with the birds kamikazing the glass trying to get to her.

My mother (of course) watched that as a little girl when it was new and still doesn't trust large groups of birds. She also watched the Twilight Zone episode where the little girl falls out of bed into another dimension and it freaked her out too. (At the time, she was the same age as the little girl on the show.)



So. This little gem. Heck, this entire movie was traumatizing to me.
This scene tho. Holy crap. My mom and I were sitting on the couch, and as soon as the clown comes on, something kind of snapped inside my five year old brain and I started screaming and bawling. I immediately jumped onto my mom. Clinging to her chest. She yanked me off of her, and flung me across the couch leaving me a hot mess, to then go yell at my dad about it, and I pretty much had nightmares throughout my entire childhood, I even have dreams about it now and I'm 33, but they aren't really nightmares anymore thank goodness.


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Not exactly a movie, but my mom always wondered why I was scared of the magic school bus. Reason: Arnold friggin commits suicide by taking his helmet off on pluto, It was just a dream in class or something, but who approved THIS:!?!?!


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When I was a kid I remember my dad watching this insane, scary movie. I barely remember details of it because I must have been about 5 at the time. "You smell burning flesh, this is the smell of your mother" was one of the lines. It then showed a dead old woman in a house fire. "The sky is red, as if someone is bleeding. It is I." Another line. The narration was done by a man with a british accent. If anyone has any idea what this movie might be, please let me know!


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Killer Clowns from Outer Space.
The whole gosh dang movie.
I've always loved scary things, even as a wee child, but I was much too young when I saw this cult classic. So young, in fact, that my first time seeing a clown was in this movie. Needless to say I developed a phobia and I've held a distrust of clowns ever since.