Traumatizing movie scenes you remember from childhood?

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Not a movie, but something that screwed me up either way. Season 5, Episode 1 of Thomas the Tank Engine; during a bad storm one night, a cargo ship runs ashore, running into a shed where some of the trains were staying to stay out of the storm. The shed gets smashed in, and knocks over Cranky the Crane, who was next to the shed. When he fell to the ground and had this face on him, I got scared and cried because I thought he had died! That scene scared me so much, not only could I not watch that episode, but for a very long time, I couldn't watch Season 5.



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Full Metal Jacket

I saw it when I was 12. I was doing good until the sniper scene, especially when they killed the lady sniper. That really bothered me. I couldn't sleep the night after.

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There's a scene where someone's head and face literally melts, it's really disturbing.

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Movies never had much effect on me as a kid - I guess the reality/fiction was too apparent to me.

What DID freak me out was a TV programme called "999" which told stories revolving around the emergency services (hence the title) along with re-enactments. In particular, it was the re-enactments of house fires which had me scared - I would plan escape routes, devise methods of climbing out of windows, figure out how much of my stuff I could carry etc... I struggled to get to sleep as I was so scared of a fire breaking out.

I believe the reality aspect of it really hit me as the victims would be telling the story and I just thought it was an inevitability.


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I don't remember the movie, but I remember my parents watching some movie where they performed a c-section on some lady and it was really graphic. It scared the hell out of me and made me think that was how babies were normally delivered for a year or two (I was like, seven) and I kept getting scared I'd get pregnant, as I didn't really understand the "birds and the bees" yet.

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Not a scene but just...the entire "Speed Demon" episode from the Powerpuff girls where the girls fly so fast that they travel to the future, only to find it utterly destroyed and taken over by HIM.

They have a lot of fucked up scenes in that episode, like the one where they visit their teacher, and she's traumatized by the school building repeating the same lines a reporter asked her when the girls had disappeared that day. Or the one where they go to the mayors office looking for him, only to find Miss Bellum in a crazed state clutching his hat.

Also just...this entire scene in general near the end:

And this wasn't even the only episode that scared me, I remember being freaked out by that other episode where HIM made everyone in Townsville hate the girls, that one was just creepy in general. I can't even remember how they "saved' the day T_T.

edit: I just remembered that this episode is one of the few that don't have a "Happy" ending. The girls just fly so fast they go back to the past, but they resign themselves to never leaving Townsville ever again because they know if they do then HIM will take control over everything. And then they never bring this up ever again in the series.

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I don't even remember what it was, but my older cousins were watching Sailor Moon and there was a scene where they got frozen and stuck in ice and I just huddled behind the sofa, petrified.

Needless to say I was relentlessly teased about for years afterwards.


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Oh I don't think these two have been mentioned yet! I won't post videos because seriously NSFW gore but...

1) John Carpenter's 'The Thing' - the scene where the husky rips itself to pieces, turns into a weird tentacular monstrosity and eats all the other dogs.

2) The bit in Nightbreed (a good movie ruined by a mullet in a hideous denim outfit) where Narcisse peels his own face off.


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I saw Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of Christ’ when I was 11 and now I have a serious phobia of whips and rods in general. It’s an abhorrent film that only a sick or crazy person would praise. Essentially glorifying torture and suffering with visually barbaric and grotesque scenes that would make you have trouble sleeping. It also vilifies Jewish people, which isn’t a surprise considering Mel directed it. One could say it’s manipulative. Never watch it, ever. Fuck you Mel.
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I saw Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of Christ’ when I was 11 and now I have a serious phobia of whips and rods in general. It’s an abhorrent film that only a sick or crazy person would praise. Essentially glorifying torture and suffering. Never watch it, ever. Fuck you Mel.
Especially considering how that part of the Bible is only like a page or two, and he managed to stretch it out over 2 hours. Jurassic Park was 448 pages and wasn't as long.


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This scene from "Signs" scared me a whole lot as a kid.

And oddly enough this was the only scene I saw from the movie for many years
Omg I remember this movie played on TV one day at my grandma's house when I was a kid. The only scenes I remember are this and the one where they kill the alien with a baseball bat I think. That shit scared me shitless. I didn't cry or anything but it spooked me pretty good.

I watched the clip just now. Didn't scare me at all. Lol


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The scene from children of the corn, that one with the kid sittin at the back of the church carvin the face outta that voodoo doll while the guy at the front of the church bled to death outta his nose..


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Also, not from childhood, but two movies sure to traumatize people for life, The killing of a sacred deer, and Hereditary.. I was 38ish when I watched Hereditary and that one scene still leaves me breathless just to picture it... D-:


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I hardly remember anything from the Babe movies (you know, with the pig?) except the start of the second one when the farmer falls down the well. Geez, I see that scene every time I see a well (usually on TV, I hardly see any irl XD).


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Now this movie terrified me as a kid, especially the idea of being in that station wagon. Or standing on loose soil.


Our music teacher in middle school (over 10 years ago) was irresponsible and made us watch a bunch of movies that were rated R16. I was a diligent student and didn't realize that I did not need to watch them (even the teacher was sleeping during those lessons). Those movies, especially one about Beethoven, had some violent scenes that traumatized me to this day.