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Traumatizing movie scenes you remember from childhood?


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Antz, the part with the war against the termites.
This actually came to mind, specifically when he was talking to the still-alive decapitated head of his friend.

I was subjected to a gauntlet of classics from my babysitter who was really into horror and because we were boys trying to seem tough and cool we pressured each other to survive them. Exorcist, It, Hellraiser, Night of the Living Dead, you name it. None of them bothered me as much as the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre did. That was my 'chickened out' movie. That first kill and appearance of Leatherface at the doorway scared the piss out of me and the general atmosphere of the movie before that scene was making me feel sick already. Rewatched it a few years back and I don't blame my child self.

Honorable mention to the shaving scene from Cabin Fever.


The scene in Squidbillies (had to look up the name) when they brutally torture and kill Santa. This is after I had woken up during the night, and so Cartoon Network was still playing Adult Swim TV shows.

That scene made me really upset.


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Oh boy, an idea immediately shot into my head as I saw this thread. So 8 year old me is by a friend and his father is watching the first Mad Max and invites us over. We watch along and did not get a thing, but then the Hacksaw Scene came up. I watched with 100% focus and was shocked and traumatized. Here is a link without any of the bad stuff.

Spoiler it is at the very end of the movie.



I saw a bunch of messed up stuff but the main ones are the baby delivery scene and the deer scene from Freddy Got Fingered. Mr Garrisons sex-change episode was also really bad they spliced in real operation footage lol. This scene from The Toxic Avenger stuck with me too it's so mean.


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The part in Volcano where the dude melts in lava.
Wait, it was in a subway... that's underground... is it technically magma?
Any who, I was 6 or seven, and I had many nightmares about volcanoes in the following years.


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The only one I can think of is from Snow White when the queen changes from her normal appearance to the haggard old woman. I remember when I was little that scared me and I had to close my eyes and turn away whenever I watched the film, including the screens at disney land


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Original Poltergeist...remember that scene where the clown doll pulls the kid under the bed?

By coincidence, my sister had the exact same doll given to her by our grandparents! <gulp!>

So yeah, after watching that movie, I couldn't sleep for weeks unless I had that doll locked up somewhere before hand, or trapped under an egg crate with something very heavy on top of it, or tied up and secured to something...ANYTHING to reassure me that doll ain't coming for me tonight! <blush>