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Delta Sol

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to join the forum because I wanted to seek out some advice and maybe make some new friends along the way.

So my boyfriend, outside the US, wants to come visit me but is scared because of the current laws and regulations and general performance of any-travel related agencies in the US during this presidency and thinks he might be sent back immediately. I was hoping that I could hear some stories of how some of you were treated when coming in and out of my country, or travel tips in general so that everyone can benefit from this thread.

And I know, I know, I read (well, skimmed) the guidelines and I don't want to spread any drama here or any details about your lives that don't need to be shared or shouldn't if it would make you uncomfortable. I'd just like to have some place where we could all benefit ^-^


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Honestly, it will depend on what country he's flying in from, what US airport he's flying to, and the specific border agent that handles his entry into the country.

I personally find US entry requirements asinine and feel they are based on an inflated sense of national pride. The US has taken upon itself to shit on the Visa Waiver Program by introducing what is essentially a long-term e-Visa with an application cost and questions comparable to eg Turkey's e-Visas. They will also fingerprint and photograph foreign nationals at the border and retain this information indefinitely, ostensibly to ensure that the same person that enters the country on a given passport, also leaves the country on that passport (this is where the overinflated national pride comes in - the unspoken assumption that any traveler would want to overstay their visit). I put up with it anyway, but I think it's all pretty bullshit.

In my experience, Chicago O'Hare is possibly the absolute worst major US airport to go through as an international traveler. Pretty much every time I've been through there, security staff has been abrasive at best, and sometimes all-out rude. I've been berated for mistakes made by border agents on prior visits, as though I should have known their procedures and taken steps to correct them.

Flying to Boston, the worst I've gotten is grilled on my boyfriend's job description (which was a little awkward as he had a position not all that easily described at the time - I had a rough idea of what he did but it wasn't something easily summed up into a short phrase).

But yeah. I'm a white straight-passing chick with a Swedish passport. If I were a gay brown dude with an Iraqi passport, I imagine I'd have had a worse time of it, particularly if flying into a city with less of a gay culture than Boston.