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Travel to the Furry world and then never return


Okay so i have a tricky question: Let's imagine that for some reason there scientist discover that there's a infinite number of parallel universes, some bend the logic and others shouldn't exists. From all those alternative worlds there's one where the world is dominated by anthropomorfic animals, just like you saw in Zootopia and Sing, supposedly this world shouldn't exist but indeed it does, but it wasn't been explored. Scientists are looking for voluntaries to travel to that place, high trained people refused to so scientist is looking any person.

Thing is, you have to travel to the anthroworld and explore it, the only comunication with the human world is a special computer, but the thing is that you cannot go back to the human world by any means, the animal goverment is willing to give you citizenship as long as you are willing to let them study you and some procedures are kinda painful. Now here's the question:

1) Would you participate?
2) would you be able to find love in this Anthropomorfic world?
3) would you Rather destroy any contact with humans and live as a new specie in the world?
4) Seeing that everything is safe, would you invite someone to go in?


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1) Maybe if my friends and family would come too.

2) I doubt it. I’m too bad at love and I don’t like commitment.

3) Shoot naw.

4) Like 1. My friends and family. That’s it.