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Treadmill EMF


It's the most bizarre thing... I went on the treadmill today and sense the TV in that room broke recently, I brought my laptop in to watch YouTube while I was running. I put my PC on top of the of the treadmill control panel and turned the treadmill on. When the belt started to move, instantly the video froze and aside from the mouse cursor, the machine was totally unresponsive. Knowing that my PC has a history of freezing, I did a hard-reset, and after it booted and I logged in, it was the same story. I turned off the treadmill and the computer worked. I have never seen anything like this happen with a computer, and the only explanation I can think of is some sort of Electromagnetic Field generated by some component in the treadmill. I know that electric motors make such a field, but would it really be that large/powerful? IDK... Just very bizarre. I may try to film this phenomenon and post it to YouTube, Also I don't really know if this should be in the tech discussion or not, but I'll post it general for now.


And this is why I sit down and watch youtube videos. The treadmill ghosts will never allow you to be productive and watch videos at the same time. That's cheating.