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Tri City Monsters - Monster Romance Visual Novel Free Beta


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Hey! Not sure if I'm in the right spot (sorry if i'm not!!) but recently I made a visual novel about a guy that turns into a huge bakeneko/demon cat furry and thought yall might be interested in checking it out.

Itch Head2.png

  • Right now there's 1 Chapter and 1 Love Interest but I have plans for 6 different characters + full story for each
  • Right now the content is pg-13 (yes, you CAN make out with the monster form) but I plan to add adult CGs and Chapters later.
  • The game is completely free on itch.io
  • You can choose your pronouns/name.
  • Mori, the love interest, is a bi punk rocker who curses a lot and is a chaotic dumbass.


A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream
give us a hot goblin chick!