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Tritonomaly (partial blue-green color vision deficiency) is misunderstood and hard to research

Sam Wamm

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First an explanation as to what's going on here with your vision.

Most color blindness affects the red or green receptors in your vision, triton type however affects blue.

When red or green is affected it's easy to spot because not being able to tell red, yellow and green apart is gonna be noticed pretty damn fast.

The blue part however is a lot trickier.

Purple is still purple, no problem there, but green, cyan and blue all look cyan.

There's not much call to tell things that are green apart from blue in general so it doesn't get noticed for a while if at all.

More often than not blue shaded things tend to be brighter and green shaded things darker so that they appear about the same brightness to normal vision.

A triton type color blind person can tell the colors appart not by hue but by the vibrancy of the color.

blue is a brilliant cyan and green is more of a teal.

it's only when vibrant greens turn up and dim blues that they get mixed up.

but should they have an eye test for blue-green the results of someone with triton type color blindness will stand out like a sore thumb.

however this is in fact tritonopia, a complete or near complete lack of functioning blue nodes in the eye.

Tritonomaly however is a partial lack of these nodes or essentially somewhere between nomal color vision and tritonopia.

people with tritonomaly have some level of telling the colors apart i.e. blue, green and cyan don't all look cyan.

blue appears somewhat like a bluer cyan, green a greener cyan and cyan a dead middle cyan.

as before there's no real need to identify these colors further i.e. why do you need to know whether it's a greener cyan or a bluer cyan in everyday life?

now i know about color blindness and i know about blue-green color blindness because i've developed little game projects in the past and people with color blindness have approached me and said "if you can change the colors a bit that would really help" and i've said "okay" and made the appropriate changes and everything seems fine.

i never really thought to test myself because i can tell red, yellow, green, cyan, blue and megenta apart so clearly i'm not color blind right?

so for a laugh i decided to test myself and as i expected i'm not red-green colorblind so end of story.

then someone says "try the other kind. you didn't try that" and i say okay.

i run the test and everything seems fine and the results tell me i have normal vision just like i expected.

then people watching my stream start saying "err... dude. why the hell did you click 'there is no number' on question number #?".

me thinking they're trolling i play along and say "well duh, obviously that was one of the questions that have a blank (because they put those in the test to trick you in this one)".

suddenly everyone starts going crazy and tells me to take the test again.

again people start saying "you clicked 'there is no number' again when there was a number there".

seems odd that everyone's saying the same damn thing here but the test results tell me i have normal vision.

so i show the video to my friend and on the question in question when i clicked the 'there is no number' button he immediately yells out "whoa! wait! what!" and then i'm starting to worry.

so i show him the second play of it and again when i was on the question in question the same reaction takes place with them asking why i clicked that button.

so they pull up a video on youtube with a minecraft mod pack that displays textures as colorblind people see them.

each time a different mode is tested he asks what i say and i respond with what he can also see as everything goes weird colors.

we get to tritonopia and i say how the colors look weird and he confirms the same.

then immediately after the vid goes to tritonomaly and i say "oh they're showing a normal one at the end to compare" and my friend instantly reacts like "whoa! you're colorblind" and i knew that the one they just showed must have been the one colorblindness i didn't know much about i.e. the tritonomaly.

so i go looking through the internet to find any kind of test for tritonomaly but every test i find tests foor tritonopia instead and i pass as having normal vision.

so now i'm getting really pissed off like this is some elaborate practical joke as even the tests for tritonomaly i've taken keep coming back negative but everyone i ask seems to be telling me the tests are wrong.

so i'm like "the only way to solve this is to find a guy online that actually has the condition. someone who would be ruined if he lied and the evidence was shown everywhere." and sure enough i find that kind of person but they're pretty famous and i'm thing "they're never gonna talk to me" but actually they do and tell me that they had the same problem and to take the test privately with them in an obscure secure location on the net.

this guy confirms to me that what i have is indeed tritonomaly and i should seek confirmation from my optician by taking the test there.

now i've actually had a test already for tritonopia and that test came back negative and at the time i asked if the test would show signs of tritonomaly and they assured me it would and that my responses didn't show any indication of it.

"hmm weird" i thought and thinking on the fact it's hereditary i decided to test my family.

my birth parents are dead so i tested my grandparents.

sure enough within the grandparents i noticed a patern that matched up with how the inheritance mechanic lined up.

so now i'm wondering if i should get specially hue-divergent glasses or something.

i tried to find out more about the condition but there really doesn't seem to be anything useful online.



oops i have tritonomaly and didn't know it.

the internet was extremely unhelpful.



if you're going to test yourself for tritonomaly, don't use images of tritonopia as examples.

even i could tell them apart from normal vision immediately.

it's not a good indicator.

if you're going to look for pics of tritonomaly remember not to compare them to red-green colorblindness images because tritonomaly will look a lot more like normal vision next to those.