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True Name on bank cards


Just a fox.
I just saw a commercial from Mastercard where, as they say, for the first time ever, you can put your chosen name instead of your given birth name. Whoa!

As the ignorant person I am (but always eager to learn!), it did not dawn on me until now that this may be something that others deal with in their lives.

So I'd like to hear your experiences! Has your given name caused you angst / negative emotions / unhappiness? If you are going by your given name that is not your chosen name, why not legally change it? Obviously, I get that if you're living in a situation where you cannot fully embrace who you are, be it societal or familial reasons, changing your name may be out of the picture. Then would you be comfortable having a different name on your card?

On some small level, I can empathize: I've gone by my middle name all my life and do not use my first name at all. But on legal documents, my first name tends to be what is put and I get uncomfortable when I'm called by it. So why don't I just change my names around? Well, I feel like it'd hurt my mother's feelings, who really liked the first name and chose it for specific reasons. Also, it would be a hassle and I am lazy.

But I'd like to hear more about what others have felt. Is this a neat thing to you? Or maybe it doesn't bother you at all and Mastercard is just being a money-grubby corporation and preying on individuals in your opinion.


The Brutally Honest Man-Child
I feel like having an alias or alternate name can be both good and bad. One, if someone finds it but can't give your legal name, then cool. They're caught.
On the downside, most people are going to use this name on almost everything (probably) and will be easier to dig around for personal info and possibly exploit.

It's definitely an interesting feature, but I have doubts about the real intention behind it.


Just a fox.
Fair points, for sure!

I must say, I'm surprised more haven't chimed in. I was excited when I saw the commercial. And now I wonder how this will effect other things going forward, and with it, potentially more security risks?


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
I have a sneaky suspicion that the overly strict bureaucracy in my country will not like this...

Now, about names in general. The situation where I live is pretty specific in that there is, traditionally, a relatively limited selection of first names. They're all "time-tested" and unlikely to cause any grief. Now, there are "modern newcomers", such as English names. And those can be really troublesome, they simply don't fit the local language at all. It does not help that they earned the association with more... trashy people, let's put it like that. But still, they're a margin.

The last names however, that's much more peculiar, to say the least! Basically, people can be named after *literally anything*, and that includes some pretty offensive, disgraceful, or hilarious nouns and adjectives. It is actually so common that hardly anyone chuckles at meeting somebody named Sausage, Freak or Moron - yes, these are real examples, translated to English.

Hardly anyone, that means, the adults. It's much worse among the school-age children and teenagers, having a "funny" last name can be really bad. Mine is not of this extreme category but somewhat silly still, and that was enough for others to poke a lot of fun at me (still not as much as at one guy named Dick - yes, in that sense).

But then, as an adult I don't care much. I realized that names are merely identifiers, after all they neither describe nor define, and my identity is in itself independent of them.

Also, name changes aren't a common thing in my country. You'd expect otherwise, but again, if every other person has a weird last name, it becomes a normal situation in practice.


Well-Known Member
I was given a lot of shit for my last name in primary school. But then, everyone was given a lot of shit for everything back then.

I grew to love my given names. I wouldn't use an alias on my bank cards even if I had the option to.

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
There is no way I would put Old Kellan's name on a bank card. first off, he has no credit history and if someone went to research him, nothing comes up of any substance.

Besides, if Neko Lucy Vulphire tried to use a card with me, I would have to ask for a different card with a real name on it. And, I do piss people off when they try to pay for guitar services and I ask for identification that matches the card.


Absolute Menace
Well, this would be a neat thing for transgender individuals. Not everyone can get a legal name change so having their preferred name easily available on their card would be nice.


Just a fox.
Well, this would be a neat thing for transgender individuals. Not everyone can get a legal name change so having their preferred name easily available on their card would be nice.
This was definitely the target audience (just judging by the commercial itself). Whether or not the company is altruistic in its endeavor, I do not know.

It definitely makes me wonder the limitations, though. Can anyone have a different name on their card? Can it be something obviously not serious?
From the info on the site, it seems anyone can put whatever they want. But I feel like some people may abuse the system. Dunno. Surely the wise individuals at Mastercard have foreseen some of these possibilities and have protocols in place for just such a thing.


sea cucumber
this would be a great help for transexuals going through the transition.