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Trying Something New, Taking Headshot Requests! [Open again]


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Sounds a bit like anxiety. If you need anything, let me know! I've dealt with anxiety and depression before! And sort of still do, so if you need help, I will be willing and glad to help you!


Absolutely by far and away, more than understandable. You need to always focus on your health and well-being first and foremost. The fact these are for free is one of the most kindhearted aspects of your spirit of generosity. Please feel free to take as long as you need, and feel better soon!


can you do my guy plz


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Can you do my Hyde?


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Now that I have your remaining attention, I didn't forget about this thread! I'm taking art for the second semester of my school year now so that's motivating me a lot! I promise that I'll get to work on these soon.


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Going slightly better! English and Spanish have definitely been improving. Algebra's gonna be a challenge though. I've got to get at least a 79 in the two final quarters and get a passing grade on the algebra regents to pass the course.
I'm trying though! Thanks for asking.


Can u do this thing plz


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Hi, everyone.
I know, me again. It's been literally MONTHS since I've touched this post but for a very, very good reason. My mental state took a literal drop because I overworked myself. I was able to make it through the last semester of my classes and I'm free for this summer, but I almost made my brain explode because of it. It ended up getting me admitted to a psychiatric hospital. I won't talk about my experience there (but you can send me a private message if you're interested) but, to say the least, it was helpful but boring. I had overworked myself to keep my grades up and actually started having auditory and visual hallucinations. Not fun. I forced myself to seek more help after being discharged. Long story short, I'm showing early signs of schizophrenia. That was the cause of my absence.

So, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that while I was working on all of your beautiful characters, my computer decided to be petty and shut down forever. R.I.P Gary, 2016-2018

The good news: Now that I'm taking medication and seeing a therapist, I'm pretty much stress-free. I'm going to be taking my time throughout my summer break to work on your characters. Please bear with me though, it's going to take time to finish the first three slots because if I push myself too much, I'm afraid of literally snapping again. However, I'm definitely looking forward to getting back into this again. That is, if any of you are still active on this website? I dunno. It's been super long.

Brain snapped, admitted into psychiatric hospital. Got discharged in no time, computer farted and died, all previous work lost. Showing early signs of schizophrenia, please bear with me as I'll take a while to finish the first slots so my brain doesn't fart and die. This post is alive again, hurray!