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Trying to connect with other furries/make friends


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Hey there, I'm still fairly new to the furry community and I must admit I am struggling to actually get to know people. Is that a common problem?
I am on FA as well as discord (joined a few furry discords) but I can't really seem to connect with anyone or keep a conversation going, most people are just not very interested (at least they seem like they are not).

And so I was wondering how you guys here find awesome friends to talk to your sonas and OCs about and get to know better. Maybe you can help me out. (。•́︿•̀。)

Thank you!


Hey, Grit. It's a pretty common problem unfortunately. Making friends can be difficult.

For myself, I just wandered around until a few people got used to me. People do appreciate being engaged, though, so don't hesitate to poke people. To keep conversation going, asking questions about them usually works. People love to talk about themselves.


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I've also struggled with this and still am frankly. I think that the way to actually meet new people in FA is to grow; by that I mean being active, willing to talk, meeting folks with similar interests. Willing to work with other people, such as looking for a partner to start a collaboration or exchanging advice, is another good way to meet people and serves as the framework for starting a friendship. Other than that, it does depend on the people, some may be introverts, others may be extroverts.


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Yeah, I think it can be a pretty common problem. As a fur, I have a lot of quirky interests, and have at points felt pretty isolated...like, it may seem weird, but I don't play video games, am not really into computers, and anime is not really my thing...and so, at points, there can be a bit of a distant feeling. I have tons of other interests, but at points, they can feel really obscure. So yeah, I think it can be hard.

And like Trekkie says, ask people questions. Listen to their stories, try to get them to open up. Try to focus on places where your interests converge, and to understand the ways in which they don't. People do tend to like this. Also, I think it can help to be specific about your interests; don't be afraid to get down to details about what you like, and why; it stands out more.

Mostly, I just keep posting, and over time, I've run across furs to talk to, who share some common interests, and that I've become friends with, but it has seemed to take a good amount of effort and being persistent, even for a (generally) extroverted sort like myself. Part of it seems to be based on sheer exposure to a broad number of furs, over time: I've found that many furs tend to start out here, drift off to a Discord Server, and then, kinda stay put there. It's been harder to meet furs via Discord for me, than here. I usually meet them on a forum, and then, talk via PM/DM via Discord.

Also, I've met some of my best furry friends from doing RPs; as a writer, this is a way I find I can be creative and social, and it's a lot of fun. Maybe try finding a few furs who might want to RP? At least, that's one thing I've found has forged some pretty good friendships. Hope this helps a bit. I'm on Discord as Fossa#4783. (Alternate fursona is a Fossa), and also, PMs here are also fine, if you're ever that bored!
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Something I'd like to know too... (´°ω°`)
Ahem, but since you seem intrested in (furry) characters, perhaps, instead of the community as a whole, you focus on people who love to create furs, and perhaps groups who like to roleplay or write stories as well.
Hmm, maybe tell us more about yourself. Any particular interests or something you would like to try? Should be easier to find people to connect with that way :3

For example, I'm a programmer interested in going towards some fun game dev, so any furry artist who would like to turn their art interactive would probably find plenty to talk about with me :3


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I don't think it's the fact that they're not interested, they could be just lazy and don't talk much because of that reason. I know that I for example can be very talkative then go blaaa for a month with no warning, it's not because i stopped liking you or anything. it's because I need to de-stress myself or i'm just busy a lot. >.<

Don't get discouraged, just continue to be yourself and people will start to get to know you. n.n


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I'm actually going through this right now! I've been a furry for a long time, but it's always been contained on Second Life...I never had the courage to step out of that space until now! I really want to dive head first into the community and make some like-minded friends. If you'd want to hang out sometime and maybe play some games or something, shoot me a message, and I promise I'll get back to you. :)


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I don't have any furry friends anyone, free to pm me your discord and we can talk there :^)