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Trying to create a better fursona.


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So this is my first ever fursona ever since I joined the furry community, my fursona is a red coloured wolf (inspired from a real Mexican red wolf) and his name is Hati Fenris. Problem is, not only are there thousands of wolves in the fandom, but Hati doesn't feel original and unique to me yet, I've been looking into doing a cross-species and I would really appreciate suggestions and ideas! Also only picture I've got of him for the moment is my profile picture, I'm trying to find someone who could do a full body art of him in the very near future.

I'm open to any changes or ideas:
- Changing his name
- Changing his race
- Changing the way he looks

Discord DMs are open for everyone so feel free to send a message if you want to discuss this or to chat in general.


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Yknow what, since I've been practicing on MOSTLY wolves lately, I'm going to try my hand at your 'sona, given the criteria for changes.
My question is, do you have any preferences as to what kind of colourscheme you'd like, if I happen to add another species to your OC?
I was thinking about a few species I've recently worked on, and I wanna throw out some small ideas!
Bats, bunnies, dragons (Still practicing these!), otters, beavers (not v good at them, but a wolf/beaver hybrid sounds kinda cool? Kind of like a platypus, but wolf. :3), and deer!

You can find /most/ of my art here-> [Taro's FA Page]

It'll be quite a few days before I begin work on the piece, as I'm backed up on requests right now, though I still search for new things to practice on!


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For colour schemes I like to go for a nature theme, such as dark greens, different shades of browns, beige, dark red, some yellow here and there. And thank you very much for wanting to work on my fursona :3 I really appreciate it! <3 Also no worries about how much time you take, I'm a patient guy and I understand that people are busy outside the Internet ^^

The idea of a hybrid wolf-deer actually sounds really cool! Having antlers on my fursona sounds awesome!