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Trying to find fur for a suit

Gabriel Neves

New Member
I'm making a fursuit and am trying to find the fur I need. I live in Québec and was wondering if any furry familiar with the Montréal scene (Closer to me right now) knows where to find some good fur. Hell, if you know some good stores in Ontario or even British Colombia, I'll take whatever I can get.

I'm looking for light grey, dark grey (or regular grey), and olive green, all long hairs.

Given the atrocious exchange rate with the US and shipping costs, I'm simply looking for local alternatives before I absolutely need to drop the big bucks for them.



A Sorta Experienced Fursuit Maker (•̀ᵜ•́)
Ah ok, Im pretty sure Walmart and Joanns have fur, but its extremely overpriced and low quality. I just looked up " fabric stores in Quebec " and I found a pretty big fabric store called fabricville, but you need to check if its in your area as im all the way in Florida and have never been to Canada. Hope this helps!

Gabriel Neves

New Member
I've been to fabricville and some other stores, but they don't have any of the fur i need. I don't think we have any Joanns here, and walmarts here don't carry fake fur fabric, as far as i know