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Trying to make a hybrid sona! [Hybrid sonas plz share your combos!]


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Hi! I am Ginger, I've been in this fandom basically since I could walk (fan of anthro for a while yknow)
I have a sona, but it was technically made by someone else, which isn't bad! Just not feeling the same attachment anymore yknow?

Originally it was a bunny/dragon, and then it devolved into a dragon/goat/amalgamation.

Nowadays I'm becoming more interested in other animals, and I think it's time to retire it and create my own.

Definitely still keeping the dragon as the base, but I'm really interested in adding tiger and some sort of bat into the mix. I want to do tiger thanks to cat traits and the stripes! They kind of relate to my disability, even though the symbol is a zebra, both are striped similarly and I think a tiger is cooler lol.

Definitely will post the design when finished, but I would love to hear from other furries with hybrid fursonas on what animals they used and how they made aspects of them shine through in the design!!

TLDR: Please show me your hybrid sonas, really interested in them!


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My ‘sona is a wolf-dragon hybrid. I still need to draw a ref sheet for them. They look more like a cat in my art style than anything else, but I suppose that that’s inevitable when you’re as big of a cat person as me! haha


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Okay so I don't have any hybrid sonas


Would it be weird if I posted not-actually-hybrids that are actually just weird animals that used to exist

Like the bear hippo
Or the gorilla lemur
Or the gorilla horse
Or the manatee sloth
Or the red panda lion
they used to exist? they sound kinda funny but interesting!


Eternally Confused Feline
they used to exist? they sound kinda funny but interesting!

Andrewsarchus Mongoliensis

Archaeoindris Fontoynontii


Thalassocnus Natans
simocyon-paisaje-2014-baja (1).jpg

Simocyon Batalleri

And fuck it here's another five

Macroeuphractus (Wolf + Armadillo)

Amphicyonid (Bear + Dog)

Josephoartigasia Monesi (Capybara + Hippo)

Hesperocyonine (Dog + Ferret)

Thylacoleo (Kangaroo + Lion + m u r d e r) (I actually made an OC of one)


I’ve been calling him a BunnyBeagle! In general I just really like the idea that he’s a mystery mishmash and isn’t even positive himself what he is bUT for simplicity that’s what I’ve been saying he is.


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