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Trying to remove my account from FA

Would you want to Close down or Remove your suspended accounts on FA by your own Rights?

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Hello fellow users and Staff of FurAffinity.

I'm SR71ALPHA and it's been a very long time since I've been on here. I'm here to discuss the facts that if the staff of FA can remove the user's account from the Databanks as a request. Due to my past behaviour on FA I used it only for my works at College during A-levels in Art & Media also with the approvals from artists of course. I've made several accounts on FA and I know it's breaking the rules but I had to do it to stay on FA and the other thing that is because once I've sent an email to the Accounts Manager they wouldn't even bother looking at the sent mail. Now I do have friend who supports me still as they shown me that FA has got poor staff who aren't doing there jobs on the severs.

The following accounts I've made below have a purpose on FA.

SR71ABCD - This was my first account to explore FA's background on General ratings and understand the layout of Artists. (Suspended no reasons)

SR71ALPHA - This was my CA (College Account) during my studies to understand how to become an artist and improve my ways. Skipping the AUP and Tos without FA noticing I was told to create a character but I didn't in the past get a warning due to the course I took for studying Art & Media we (as in my class of 12 students) choose a site and register to get some info which also skipping the Terms or Agreement. I also did my research throughout FA and their artists I like to see. (Suspended for Modifications)

Royal_Air_Furs - This account was just for fun involving artworks and photos involving Aircraft based from the Royal Air Force. (Suspended for Alternative Accounts)

SR71BETA - This was my pro account which I started after college, I wanted to start fresh and open up shop doing commissions myself, making friends and earning their respects of art, also buying commissions. I was doing artwork getting all the scores and getting quite popular until FA suspened my account. (Ban Evasion)

This account was my Achievement of artworks and I created a Beta character from Alpha, everything was going well until FA ruined it all.


No matter how many times FA suspended me more of my friends were angry towards FA, demanding them to reinstate me or lifting my account. Because of my descend failures in the past doesn't mean they can keep suspended me every time I register which I haven't until now, things got out of hand when my fans ask for approval for creating accounts based on my character and usernames.

Amanda_Tender - Based on one of my character someone hacked my email account created a profile based on one of my female characters Amanda Tender. (I contacted help and it was suspended anyways to increase the trouble meter and it would seemed that it wasn't just me others had the same problem).

SR71CIGMA - Was a account approved by myself to a fan who loved to use one of my gay muscular characters called Cigma Sole. (Apparently that account was suspened also)

Hippo_Hybred_Groups - It was the nicest thing to do as one of my fans and friends created a group account to keep me inside FA to see how is everyone doing and looking for commissions. The User who created this account was Gorix16 a polish chap who'd used to love having me around, he used his own email address and send me the user and password for full access until it was Suspended for no reasons.

Beta_The_Hipponian - was a accidental account created when I was drunk and in a mood to threatened FA for their actions against me and my friends. (Suspended lol) Funny thing is that I created this account in a Internet Café with several of my friends getting transportation.


I'm trying to help FA clean up the mess I made in the pass but I would like them by my rights to remove the accounts I want taken off FA, except the one I'm proud of. It was free to register I'm sure that it's free to remove it from the severs or FA is getting worse all the time banning those who don't have the right to learn and expand themselves. Unless I'm begging the Staff of FA I tried negotiating with them about how much would it costs to lift one of my accounts nor them replying to my emails. I just want to close the accounts I've made for the wrong purposes at all.

What is going on inside FurAffinity?

Any comments or discussions of this post I'm happy to reply, if FA suspended this post then I hope FA will come down for good due to them being the most popular PORN site on the network.

I rest my case....




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It is not, for technical reasons, possible to entirely remove any accounts from the database.

It may be possible for staff to clear your closed accounts of content, but you'll have to approach the issue through appropriate channels, of which the forums aren't one. Email appeals@furaffinity.net from the email you used to register your account (if possible - if you no longer have access to this email address you may need to provide further evidence that you're the account holder) with the names of your accounts and either the reasons why you feel your ban should be lifted or the account(s) you wish to have cleared, and they'll see what they may be able to do for you.
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