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Trying To Sharpen Up My Drawing Skills


A Huggable Hybrid
G'day mates. I'm gonna get straight to the point: my drawing skills have crumbled after neglect in months. I've been looking to sharpen them up but I wasn't sure on what to draw, so I came here to the forums to see if I can at least try and draw someone a headshot. I'll try and get about 5 people down on a list before I start drawing. Before you let me know that you're interested, please keep the following things in mind:

  • I can only do headshots, as I'm not quite trained with full body shots yet
  • These will take a while, considering my summer is going to be pretty busy with work and whatnot
  • Please let me know if you want this to be colored beforehand, otherwise, I won't color it
  • If you want the headshot colored, this will take extra time
  • Remember that I'm only just beginning to draw again, so your picture may not be perfect. I'm, of course, going to try my best but please don't get your expectations up really high.
If you're still interested after reading how bad yours might turn out teehee, give me a detailed, physical description of your character and I'll get back to you when I can!


A Huggable Hybrid
Woohoo! Something to draw! I got you both on the list.
(Sorry again in advance if they turn out like crap. xD)


Bitches love sticks
Here's my gryphon if you're interested! Thanks! Colored please!


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Soft Deercoon
If you're still looking for these, here's my [currently only front-facing] reference image


Web-dev and self-taught guitarist
Wouldn't mind getting a colored headshot :3 Extra details in my profile, thanks!


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