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Trying to start a comic series


Im still pretty new to fur art and have tried starting an adult humor style comic series based on furry characters working the construction field.

I just finished and posted my first attempt and would love some outsiders opinions on it. Please take a glance, hope ya enjoy. My friend encouraged me to try this and if it makes others happy i'd gladly keep maiking more.

thanks alot



umm. idk what to tell u. the way that i felt about the comic u linked is that it felt like it was forced to be funny and wasnt. using swear words to make a comic funny usually never works.

start by look up humor comic books or strips and try to get ideas of how a joke works that way. animation goes for the same as well.

heres a good comic person on FA that u can get inspiration from http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/kuron/