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(Commission) Selling: tuhis's commissions (€35+)


New Member
Hi! I'm tuhis and I would like to offer my drawing skill for you to hire!

Cute small creatures and chibi-proportioned characters I will draw for €35/each, larger characters for €65 per. My gallery has more examples of the first category, and you might see the Namazu (catfish people) are quite popular to transform other kinds of characters into!

Samples pictured are quite humanoid, but I am happy to draw any species and gender of character!

Prices are listed in € (EUR) as that is the currency I will invoice you in.

Invoice is to be paid in full before delivery of completed work.
Commissions are for personal, non-commercial use only. Please refrain from editing the work if you are uploading it to be showcased anywhere; cropping for avatar purposes etc. is fine. I may use the commission as a part of my personal artist's portfolio, as well as stream the work.