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Turning an existing design into a male version


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Hello there, potential artist!

I'm looking for a capable artist who'd be able and willing to make a male version of this adopt I bought a while ago! Preferrably in the same art style but that might be asking for a little much. I'm looking at a ceiling with a maximum of $50 but the price is completely negotiable! Feel free to respond below and if i'm interested in doing business i'll contact you.

The pose doesn't have to be the same, and the artwork can be completely safe for work.


Kind Regards,


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Hi MavenAddens! If you are still looking for that potential artist to draw your wonderful adopt as a male, I will be happy to do so~!

I don’t know what other way I can prove that I am capable of drawing in that style, so have a quick traditional sketch sample.


If you are interested, you can reply to me through here, or discord (cheat#3952) or even email (tiny.ghostt@gmail.com)

But above all, I do hope you have a great day MavenAddens~!
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I can do 1 full body flat color for $20
Or 2 full body 2 head shots flat color ref sheet for $40
If you wanted more/less views, detailed text, accessories, alt hair styles, clothed and nude version, etc I can do these just let me know what you want, I'll give a custom quote.
My head art will me a bit less toony than your original weakly image.

Gallery: Artwork Gallery for thesilvermist -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Customer rewards/raffle journal: www.furaffinity.net: Customer Reward Program! + Raffle -- thesilvermist's Journal

Most recent flat color ref example:

Sorry no recent male refs in current style-my goa this week is to work on one though ^^

Some ooold old refs 2016-2013


NSFW warning for sheath and testicles: also super old art www.furaffinity.net: Commission: Shadow Sheet by thesilvermist


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Hello there! I noticed that your character you adopted looks similar to my art style that I am currently drawing in (which is anime-style if you are okay with that)!
This is a current (though unfinished at the moment) sample of my clean, flat-colored full-bodied line art work here at the moment:


I apologize that it isn't fur-related at the moment but if you want to see how I draw them my FA can be found in my signature below.

I specialize in drawing guys and can emulate certain styles of artists to a near T, due to my very meticulous attention to detail. Normally my flat-colored, full body work (single character only) illustration above is around $55 USD (the extra $5 USD is to pay for the paypal fees I incur) but I am willing to work with the $50 limit you provided since I am very flexible. I also like posing characters to make them more 'alive' so if you have a profile of them with their personality, I can work off that to draw a pose suitable for them and show you the roughs to have you choose what is best for your character. White is the default background, but I can do another color if you so choose and it is free of charge (though, something like a background scenery will cost a lot and take more time, so I would not recommend it at this time). I took an interest in this because I love the character design of it, and would love to try and produce a male-version for you that you can be happy with.

At the moment, I take Paypal in USD for overseas and I can be reached here via PM since I come here almost everyday. Or my gmail (which I can provide via PM if you like). Thank you very much for reading over this, and good luck in choosing your artist!
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Hi! I'd love to give 'er, ahem, him, a shot! Haha, I do character illustrations like these:

Character Sheets:
Perfect for a new adopt! There's a range of expressions and poses if you want, or just a single fullbody and a portrait. Prices start from $40




Pieces like these start from $30 and features only one character. You can include a sketched-in background and a dynamic pose for a small fee.




I do larger pieces like the sample below as well if you're interested. Prices start for $60 for detailed illustrations like so:


Let me know if you're interested, and we can get started! Payment is through Paypal, and I'll let you in on the updates as we go along.



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Thanks for all the replies everyone.
I've contacted everyone I wanted to business with and found the right commissioner.