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TV Series From Our Childhood


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale

Making my Discovery Kids post was easier than I thought. I mean, I thought I was the only one pissed at the babification of the channel (or at least the Discovery Kids I grew up with), but there are a couple of sites that talk about it. I even found one that contained the ENTIRE programming from 1997-2002 (click here for the original site, list and PICS for some of the shows).

Instead of pic-dumping, let me give you the list (NOTE: The list is in Spanish with the English title in parenthesis, if available. Some programs are straight-up Spanish. I'll edit it a bit). BTW, just because you did not see Discovery Kids doesn't mean you shouldn't check the list.

Many of these shows came from a wide array of networks from all around the world, so you may never know until you take a look:

*La Sabia Naturaleza
*Iris el Profesor Feliz (Professor Iris)
*El Faro De Salty (Salty's Lighthouse)
*Bingo & Molly
*El Cartero Pat (Postman Pat)
*Las Aventuras del Libro de las Virtudes
*Kleo: Un Unicornio Singular (Kleo: The Misfit Unicorn)
*David, el Gnomo (David the Gnome)
*Había Una Vez... Un Árbol (Once Upon a Tree)
*La Granja de Los 4 Caminos
*Digger & Splat
*Biblia Para Niños
*El Taxi-Taller (The Big-Garage)
*Manos a la Obra (Pumper Pups)
*El Rincón de las Risas (Puzzle Place)
*La Abuela
*BiblioRatones (Book Mice)
*El Show de Los Animales (The Animal Show)
*Banana Zoo
*Mi pequeño Pony (My Little Pony)
*Los Muppet Babies (Muppet Babies)
*Parque de Animales
*Manos a la Obra (Construction Site)
*La Llamada de los Gnomos (Wisdom of the Gnomes)
*Tony, la Hormiguita
*Timothy Va a la Escuela (Timothy Goes to School)
*Los Gatitos (Kitty Cats)
*Estrellita (LittleStar)
*Pepé y sus Amigos
*Cyberkids (1997)
*La Guía Máxima (Ultimate Guide to the Awesome)
*Artemanía (el Art-Attack! original) [UK Version]
*El Cuenta Cuentos (The Storyteller)
*Animales Asombrosos (Henry's Amazing Animals)
*Vamos a Bailar & Comer
*La Isla de Jordan
*Las Religiones del Mundo
*Shakespeare: Sus Obras en Animación (Shakespeare: The Animated Tales)
*Tracey McBean
*Hora de Cuentos
*Ciencia Pop (Pop Sci)
*El Antiguo Testamento
*Tots tv
*Plaza Sesamo (Sesame Street's)
*Las Aventuras de A.R.K. (ARK, the Adventures of Animal Rescue Kids)
*Jesús y Su Época
*La Manzana de Newton (Newton's Apple)
*El Arca de Los Animales
*EcoAventura Amazonica
*La Familia Charming
*Jay Jay, el Avioncito (Jay Jay the Jet Plane)
*Parques Zoológicos
*Las Nuevas aventuras de ARK (The new adventures of Animal Rescue Kids)
*CiberKids (1999)
*Mortimer & Arabel
*La Computadora del Tiempo (A.J.'s Time Travelers)
*Especial de la Guía Máxima (Discovery Kids Ultimate Guide to the Awesome)
*Antiguos Mundos
*Fetch, El Veterinario
*La Familia Twist (Round The Twist)
*El Fantasma Escritor (GhostWriter)
*Mecánica Popular Para Niños (Popular Mechanics For Kids) [con Elisha Cuthbert, Jay Baruchel, Tyler Kyte, Vanessa Lengies & Charles Powell ''Charlie'']
*Acceso Total (con Daniel, Claudia y Mauricio)
*¡Un Día Maravilloso!
*Magia Visual
*El Famoso Jett Jackson (The Famous Jett Jackson)
*Guerreros Míticos (Mythic Warriors Guardians of the Legend)
*Los Exploradores
*¡No!...¿En Serio?
*Cuentos Animados del Mundo (Animated Tales of the World)
*Niños Reales, Aventuras Reales / Aventuras Reales de Chicos Reales (Real Kids, Real Adventures)
*Bob el Constructor (Bob The Builder)
*Mas Allá de la Música
*Zoboomafoo (con los hermanos Kraft)
*Amo a Mi Ciudad
*Desafio a Todo Terreno (edicion Argentina)
*Me encanta la música
*Locos de Remate
*La Magia del Cine (Movie Magic)
*Jack Hanna y sus Aventuras Animales (Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures)
*Cubitos (Cubeez)
*Los misterios del Mundo
*Mi Mascota y mi Casa
*Jungle Run
*Bocaditos Animales
*Mi Guión en Discovery Kids (Discovery Kids Story Studio / Incredible Story Studio) [con Camille Devine & Harold Gillespie ''Jacobs'']
*La Princesa del Nilo (The Princess of the Nile)
*Bernardo y Su Reloj (Bernard's Watch)
*Monstruo Por Error (Monster By Mistake)
*Aventuras Sin Límites (Outward Bound)
*Especial de La Magia del Cine
*Jeff Corwin en Accion (Jeff Corwin Unleashed)
*Bonehead Detectives of the Paleoworld
*Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls
*Jaws and Claws
*¿Qué Quieres Ser? (What do You Wanna Be?)
*Vueltas Frenéticas
*El Club del Misterio
*Animales en la Red
*Cuentos Horrendos para Chicos Horripilantes (Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids)
*Los Nuevos Misterios del Fantasma Escritor [ultima temporada]
*Cazadores de Estrellas (Sky Hunters)
*Scouts, en Acción
*Exploradores del Universo
*Mentores (Mentors)
*Pequeños Planetas Bing y Bong (Bing & Bong's Tiny Planets)
*Viaje al Centro de La Tierra (Around The World With Willy Fog)
*Ultra-Misión (Sci-Squad)
*Artistas y Compositores
*Mi Amigo el Extraterrestre / Mi Amigo es un Extraterrestre (My Best Friend Is an Alien / I Was a 6th Grade Alien!)
*CiberKids (2001) [con Andrea Torre y Daniel Habif]
*Vigías Del Sur
*PAZ (el Pinguino Paz)
*Natur-Aventura (Suzuki's Nature Quest)
*Las Aventuras de Jeff Corwin (The Jeff Corwin Experience)
*Cómo y Porqué (How 2) [con Fred Dinenage, Gareth Jones & Gail McKenna]
*Desafío a Todo Terreno (edicion Mexico)
*Spy Academy
*¿Verdad o Pesadilla? (Truth or Scare)
*Ruta Quetzal
*Agentes Indiscretos
*Viento en Popa
*Los Archivos de Zack (The Zack Files 1)
*Ciencia Q (Sci Q)
*Fuerzas de la Naturaleza
*Una Aventura en Navidad
*El Atlas Animal (Animal Atlas)

*TUGS <-- Spanish title not recognized. Perhaps under Salty's Lighthouse.

Hope if helps jogging down memories.
No, I did not watch ALL of 'em. Many have been forgotten. But man, what a flashback!!
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Kit H. Ruppell

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MOre ancient history (with some geography too)


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
While making my last post, I stumbled upon this:

Around The World With Willy Fog (1st Season), Willy Fog 2 (Journey To The Center Of The Earth and 20,000 League Under The Sea):


It's a 1980s Spanish-produced, Japanese animated (2nd season was Taiwanese animated. Think it should belong in that Furry anime thread?) Jules Verne-inspired animated series.

I pondered on making this a thread all on its own, but at least the 1st season was aired in Discovery Kids, so who knows? Maybe one of you actually catched a glimpse of it.
And yes, it was dubbed in English.
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Kit H. Ruppell

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Part of the collection of shorts featured in "KaBlam!"
"Bob's" resemblance to Kleeborp is priceless.
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Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
A bit of everything:

Muppets Tonight:

Disney Channel. Looking back, the same things that made me laugh as a kid I now find disturbing. Picture this: Gonzo going glam, with butt-cheek cutouts on his leathers, complete with heels. In the outtakes, the shrimpy-looking muppet kisses said butt cheeks!
Oh yeah, they has a lot of guest stars that I never heard of at the time, like Prince.

Super Friends:

*plays theme song in mind*

Max Steel:

Kids WB. Remember this guy? I never got to watch the series, but it featured X-games athletes in cameo roles. What I found more shocking is that its toys are still being sold and that the franchise was a hit in Latin America(!!).

Action Man:

Fox Kidz. People were sure milking the whole "extreme games" thing back then. Saw only a few episodes. It was cool. I'm not sure if there were X-games athletes cameo-ing on this one.
Look what I discovered:
My curiosity is piqued.

I know Reboot has been mentioned, but I gotta plug in this:

It's a book, I believe. I never watched the other part (you know, after Bob and the gang return and save Mainframe from Megabyte), but you know what? I'm OK with it.

Jungle Cubs:


Seems that the baby-fication process of old franchises didn't stop at the 1980's. When you think about it, Disney really milked The Jungle Book for all its worth. Bagheera was my favorite character, as I could relate to him.

Angela Anaconda:

These are The Addams Family series I grew up with (which are yours?):

The New Addams Family (seen on ABC Family)

The Addams Family
(seen in Cartoon Network)
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Judge Spear

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One of the few normal programs (I was raised on anime like Cowboy Bebop and Pokemon mostly) I remember that's not listed here.

This was always on. My dad had every episode recorded. Does it count?

Butters Shikkon

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Pb & J has such a wierdly awesome setting. They all lived at a giant lake and had houseboats...

@ElectricBlue, you've never seen Daemon Rising? The 1st half of the unofficial 4th season? (actually, a TV movie?) It's not bad actually. The villian is surprisely different from any other and you get to learn more about the origin of Lost Angles...Take a look if ya have an hour or so: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znXBCBl1SUM But for God's sake don't watch My Two Bobs-you will lose all respect for the show.

Kit H. Ruppell

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I was briefly smitten with Haley
I am a furfag

Judge Spear

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OH YEAH!! Can't forget this! The movie was godawful though.


Kit H. Ruppell

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The main character, a Cro-Magnon boy raised by Neanderthals, is hated by many of the latter for being smarter.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
Man, you guys are old!

That means you're too young then. Don't worry. Time will take care of that sooner than you'd think.

The following video is one of the reasons why I started this thread:

Kidsongs TV Show


I was 5-6 at the time. The only thing I had to go with to find this show was the "kumbaya" song. Lo and behold I FOUND IT!!! I LOVED the idea of kids just like me running a TV station!! Their 1950s songs were my favorite and it probably planted the seed of my love for anything retro.

If you must know, the fuzzballs are Billy and Ruby Biggle. There was a yellow one called Freckles but I can't find anything on it, aside from one episode appearance.
I love their ears. I could have sworn Billy wore sunglasses, a black leather jacket and a black pompadour-style haircut for the 1950s songs.

The Puzzle Place

Those are the best pics of the entire cast I could find. A surprisingly good show. The puppet-work is good.



I didn't know there were 3 animes mushed together. I didn't know this was a ground-breaking show in its time. I didn't know what was anime at all! And you know what? I didn't care. It had giant transforming robots piloted by humans and that was enough for me. I didn't care if I had to wait for that girly magical schoolgirl show (see what I did there?) to end so I could watch real quality programming. For a little while I wanted to join the Air Force (glad I grew up out of that!)...
This is probably the only show that no one remembers from Toonami. I told people about it and all I got was blank stares. Later on, I'd learn that the show was better known as Macross.
Funny story: While I impatiently waited for some actiony stuff, my uncle and grandfather were watching the part of the swimsuit competition that the main character was watching while in battle. It was only recently that I figured out why they didn't just leave me watching "cartoons". XD

Not a TV show, but sure to jog down some memories: Face

Anybody care to mention any Nick Jr. shows?

The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest

I waited patiently for my 7th birthday so I could watch this, my official TV Y7 fv show (remember the implementation of TV ratings?). Now Mom (who wasn't so wild about this version) couldn't disapprove (soon-to-be 7yo mentality)!
I was a fan of the original series, so I was stoked to find this one. The vibe was different between the 2 and there were many things I didn't understand at the time, but I still enjoyed it. The CGI blew me away, I welcomed Race's Daughter with open arms, and Haji was a badass. I did find it weird that part of the series was in a darker, yet way cooler and detailed style, yet another part of it was brighter and sober. And did it ever have an ending? I'm tempted to buy the DVDs and find out!!

The New Scooby-Doo Movies

Scooby-Doo with Batman & Robin?! The 3 Stooges?!! The Adams Family?!!! Speed Buggy?!!!! DON KNOTTS?!!!!! YES PLEASE!!!
And boy did I get it. In spades. For years this hour-long gem was re-run fodder for Sunday morning Cartoon Network. So I saw ALL of them. I learned about the Globe Trotters and Jerry Reed and was taken by surprise with Laurel & Hardy and Dick van Dyke appearances, and all those stated above. There are more that I haven't mentioned. Watch the series and see for yourself.

I'll add more Scooby-Doo goodness if allowed (should I start another thread on the topic?)

Mecánica Popular Para Niños (Popular Mechanics For Kids)

About those 2, you may not recognize them as the hosts of Mecánica Popular Para Niños (Popular Mechanics For Kids), but I think you'll recognize them today:


The Girl Next Door; She's Out Of My League
Ring any bells?
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Butters Shikkon

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Holy shit!! Puzzle place was the bomb back in the day!! I'd watch it every morning before going to school.

And Scooby Doo was at its height of awesomeness when the celebs started showing up. My all time favorite episode is the one with Sonny and Cher. Good times, except I think they should let the series die already. It's pretty much gotten stale and an honorable sendoff is much needed.

And omg Face!! My brother and I were bored preteens who did nothing one summer but watch NickJr. shows, we hated him cuz he was so annoying and he literally looked like the glue (or darkmatter) that held the shows together. Now I miss the guy T^T


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I grew up watching a lot of Felix the cat, (Even though it was way before my time.) TMNT, and power rangers mostly. Transformers too.


Batty Krueger

DJ Nailbunny


Kit H. Ruppell

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He needs no intro


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
And Scooby Doo was at its height of awesomeness when the celebs started showing up. My all time favorite episode is the one with Sonny and Cher. Good times, except I think they should let the series die already. It's pretty much gotten stale and an honorable sendoff is much needed.

And omg Face!! My brother and I were bored preteens who did nothing one summer but watch NickJr. shows, we hated him cuz he was so annoying and he literally looked like the glue (or darkmatter) that held the shows together. Now I miss the guy T^T

If you haven't seen the new series, Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated, I recommend you do. It's a breath of fresh air. It's what I was hoping What's New Scooby-Doo? would be nearly a decade ago, but wasn't. Your views on the comedy may vary.

The art style, as in the mood, the ambiance alone is reason enough to watch it. The graphic artists did not only an amazing job in creating villains whose designs actually raise eyebrows, but also capturing the coolness and uniqueness of the past (clothes, vehicles, haircuts, architecture, etc), though my only quip is the use of modern technology (show version of Youtube, cell-phones, GPS) in the show. I find it irrelevant, and with a little imagination it can be replaced with a worthy vintage counterpart.

And the cameos! Jonny Quest and family!! Old-school Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold from National Lampoon's Vacation, with the Family Truckster!!!
But really, aside from Mystery Incorporated, all the recent Scooby stuff I've seen lately from 2011-forward has left me pleasantly surprised.

In keeping with the Scooby theme:

Skipping the first and highly popular first series, this is the one that followed:

I was EXTREMELY proud when one of the episodes took place in Puerto Rico.


I can safely say that I never saw The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries, and have almost no recollection of The New Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show. I put 'em up to help jog memories down and avoid confusion A pity, I know. But Scooby-Doo and Scappy Doo, well, that's another story! The show cememnted my love for both Scooby and Scrappy, so you can imagine my shock and disgust after watching that live-action movie. To this day I don't get the hate towards Scrappy, as these shows breathed new life into the franchise and basically saved it.

The show that followed these was The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, which I didn't enjoy as much and never got to see the ending.

Speaking of Hanna-Barbera goodness:

Josie and the Pussy Cats / Josie and the Pussy Cats In Outer Space:

The ORIGINAL Birdman:

The ORIGINAL Space Ghost:



Speed Buggy:

I really, really, really wanted to see more of that show.

Wacky Races:


Penelope Pitstop had her own show. You look it up.

The surprise of the day:
The Impossibles:

It was one of those shorts-shows, but it counts nonetheless.

Guys, in the event that this thread passes on to that great databank in the sky, here's a link that I had the good fortune of finding that covers a healthy amount of cartoon shows, so maybe you'll find one that you're looking for:

I'd be satisfied if I could go one more round without committing double-post.
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Well I'm not gonna go out and find a bunch of pictures, but here are a few of the ones I remember from the 90's that you might not have caught! ( I was tired when I read this so I don't know if I saw these or not.) Road Rovers was probably the earliest one I can think of from my childhood. No one really knows what I'm talking about when I mention it, but there were only like 12-13 episodes. Two others I remember being similar were SWAT Kats and Street Sharks. He Man and the masters of the Universe is another, along with Captain Planet, and y'all have pretty much listed everything else I ever watched growing up.


Slasher Movies & Devil's Music
I've never been an hardcore TV fan, so there are few shows I remember from my childhood. I sure recall the Animaniacs, Pinky and The Brain, Cow and Chicken as my favourite shows; I also used to watch Capitol Critters, that aired here in Italy in a private channel and now if I try to mention it no one knows what I'm talking about. xD
As for TV series I remember watching a few episodes of the Muppet Show and Dinosaurs, and there was also this weird TV series with real actors and a grey plush-puppet (I think it was supposed to be a bunny...). I don't remember the title, so blah.
And finally there were a couple of anime I used to see airing everywhere, like Ranma and these:


Kit H. Ruppell

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Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
Alright! Game shows anyone?

Figure It Out (circa 1997)

Bonus points if you can guess which other Nickelodeon show this line-up of contestants are from. Give up? HINT.

Slime-Time Live:


There are plenty more, but these are the ones I watched. Double-Dare 2000 was mentioned by Elric.

El Grand Prix del Verano

Es el Gran Prix, esw el Gran Prix, el programa del viejo y del niño...
Oh! Where was I...
It's a sweet 1½-hour gameshow from Spain. Broadcasted through TVE (Televisón Española). It was fun to watch. I learned that Spain had a lot of small towns, which 2 of them battled each other.
Sadly, the best compilation video is this one (if you think the quality is bad, check out the the intro vids! Fuzzy!). It captures all the memorable challenges, but plays them at a slow, melancholic song, because of the nostalgia it provided to the creator.

*continues whistling theme song*

Other stuff:


THE DEFINITIVE MegaMan!! This show ruined me for all other MegaMan variations. I wasn't raised on now-vintage videogames, so this is how I knew him. Hell, I had his action figure! It was definitely violent, but I couldn't get enough, even if I could barely understand it at the time. Sometimes I even wished I could get sick so I could watch it!

Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog:

I loved that show. It was funny. My mom loved it. My grandmother loved it! Like most of these shows, I saw it in Spanish. Kit H. Ruppell mentioned the series that followed.

Godzilla (The Original Animated Series)

I can't believe I forgot about this epic series. And Godzuki! Godzilla has always been a good guy in my eyes.

No, I never saw that new Godzilla series from 10+ years ago.

The Pirates of Dark Water


, was that show cool!! Fantasy adventure at its finest! But dammit, how is it that the last episode that I saw was the 2-parter that I never saw the latter part of it?! So many questions left unanswered!

The Amazing Chan Clan:

I wish I could've watched more of this one, but IIRC, the reruns were only given in Sunday afternoon on Cartoon Network, and I never seem to catch it. It was part of this funky, vintage, but obscure cartoon block that contained a bunch of other, slightly more mature shows that I can't recall... yet.

Butt-Ugly Martians:


A conveniently named show. That's the only thing it had going for. Thank goodness for Invader Zim, or else Sunday mornings on Nickelodeon would have been intolerable!

I also used to watch Capitol Critters, that aired here in Italy in a private channel and now if I try to mention it no one knows what I'm talking about. xD
As for TV series I remember watching a few episodes of the Muppet Show and Dinosaurs, and there was also this weird TV series with real actors and a grey plush-puppet (I think it was supposed to be a bunny...). I don't remember the title, so blah.

The rarer the better. Italy had a bunch of dope shizz, especially anime, like Supercar Gattiger, A Tutto Gas, and many other car animes that Western motorheads can only dream of.

I don't know about that weird TV series you were describing, but you did remind me of this: Zoboomafoo

I also watched their original show, Kratt's Creaures (remember Ttark? Guess what it spells backwards). They also have a pretty decent looking kids cartoon, called Wild Kratts.

BTW, who would win the battle of 1990s Nickelodeon supremacy?

While looking for these pics, there are plenty of shows I've never seen. There were series for Dumb & Dumber and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure movie franchises, a 1980s Popeye cartoon series (Popeye and Son) and even a Lost In Space cartoon pilot based on the original sci-fi series!
Ohh! That reminds me of another show that I-- will hopefully post next time. They just keep coming!
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I used to love watching old Mission Impossible's, A-Team, Quantum Leap, and I believe I already mentioned MacGyver in the last thread.