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Two Partials for sale



This was my fursona, but she has been refurbished. Needing some cash, so I changed it up and now it's for sale. I made some changes to the design, so that the character is now different and free to use! While this is a used suit, it was always well cared for and is in excellent shape. No wear or stains on the fur, no odor, and carefully refurbished (edited markings, one lop ear, stitching re-enforced) It's good as new.

This head easily fit up to a 24" head size and can accommodate wearers with glasses. Superior vision and ventilation. Hands fit about 5" across palm and 8" wrist to middle finger.

$450 for the head, hands, arm sleeves and tail. Feet are not included but I am willing to make a pair for you at a discount of $150 (Normally $200) if paid for in full with the rest of the suit. No payment plans or holds, sorry.



Grey cat partial up for sale! Includes head, hand paws, tail and arm sleeves. Heads fits up t a 22", has excellent vision and is very lightweight.
four fingered hands fit about 4' across palm, length from wrist to middle finger 7".
Sleeves are 20" long, 8" opening at wrist, 16" at shoulder.

Need to sell quickly, so letting this all go for $500. It does not include feet, however, if you want to add feet, I will make them at a discounted price of $150 (Normally $200) if paid in full with the rest. That makes $650 for a partial with arm sleeves which would normally go for $900! I cannot do holds or payment plans.