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Shadow of Bucephalus

I've been following this for many, many years.
I love going back and seeing how the artist's skills (in both graphics and storyline/plot), has improved, and the ongoing stuff is absolutely great!
Usually very leery of human + anthro-type comics are concerned.
This one is a good blend of humor and srs, no, seriously, 'srs' stuffs.

David Drake

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I saw this post at about 7 in the morning, said "Huh, that's Markiplier's brother, isn't it? Should check it out." Cut to 1:34 pm I have finished up to the latest strip and ai realize I haven't eaten.


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Anyone ever realized that up to the end of the "evil Flora" storyline the comic had the exact same plot to the original KOTOR game? Like, the exact same.

I dunno. I've read the whole thing through and still follow it on and off, but the comic has always been plot wise a bit uneven. Like, Flora and the protagonist (I've legit forgot his name) are both ungodly boring characters whereas Keith, Natani and their relationship are always entertaining to follow. The side cast hasn't done much for me either to be honest. The art on the other hand has gotten so detailed and vibrant lately that I follow the comic partly just because of that.


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I miss Alaric...