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Um... Hi?

Nova Ozuka

Christian Furry Gamer
So I've finally decided to join the furry community outright. I basically came to a fork in the road that said "If you want to be a Christian, either quit being a furry, or clean up your act." I've decided to try the latter, because I'm pretty sure I can't actually quit. It's the same as being a gamer for me if I'm being honest. I'm probably never going to stop playing video games completely, and I like the art style too much to stop being a furry. It's also not like being a furry is a bad thing, so it's at least theoretically possible. Trying to be a Christian furry gamer is an interesting balancing act to say the least, and it's because of that I have no idea of if I'll fit in at all. Fitting in isn't really the most important thing, I'll admit, but some small sense of it would still be nice.

Right now, I'm in the process of trying to draw my sona, a dragon and fox hybrid, and so far the results are meh. I also feel about the same as the emotion I'm trying to convey.
Oh god I feel insecure.
I'm also attempting to write a story that I'm hoping to upload at some point. I can't remember the last time I've made myself the protagonist, but this is the first time I'm actively trying to show a side of me that people don't usually see, which I guess only adds to the nerves. This seems to fall right in line with my bad habit of making things harder for myself than I need to, and I never seem to learn my lesson because I'm dumb. Don't read into me calling myself an idiot too much, because I'm usually just making fun of myself.

Anyway, I'm hoping I have fun here, and I hope I manage to make a few new friends out of it

Matt the Terrier

Woofs! Wiggles! Wins!
*Terrier noises*
*comes over to see if you smell like food*
*sits like a good boi*