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Main Site Unable to update the image thumbnail


I don't get paid enough for art commissions...
Hey guys! I was in the middle of update the image thumbnail of my uploaded game logo.

I made all four of the image previews because my white game logos are white and the image previews are completely white. No black background for transparent PNGs.

I upload a thumbnail for my game logo, submit it, and it puts me back at the same thumbnail upload screen. Is there a bug in the main site?


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I don’t know if it’s related, but custom thumbnails for anything but stories and Flash submissions currently don’t work right on many areas of the site. To get a definite answer, best you can do is filing a Trouble Ticket on mainsite; make sure you tell them what submission you’re trying to update, what file type your new thumbnail is, and what browser(s) and operating system(s) you’ve tried it on, to help with troubleshooting.


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I have exactly the same issue. If I try to upload a custom thumbnail, the uploaded file is simply ignored.

I tried a workaround. I selected "update submission file" and I uploaded the thumbnail file here. That worked. However, when I then uploaded the desired file and I unchecked "rebuild the thumbnail", the system updated the thumbnail anyway.

So there's something broken in the system, please fix it.