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Underappreciated Games

Threads of Fate (PS1) was certainly fun and well worth twenty bucks. Good way to kill a few weeks, I mean, not astoundingly developed, but it was really good for something sqaure soft obviously didn't care made it or not.


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Like the very first post said: Mischief Maker on N64. It was cool. And they mock Power Rangers.

I would add Radiata Stories; it's not the best action rpg ever but it's still nice.
Oh and the Ogre Battle games for Snes and N64. D:


The Fat Raptor
Shenmue (First, not second)
Indigo Prophecy
Power Stone
Intelligence Qube.


I've been looking for Intelligence Qube for ages (or Kurushi as it was called in Europe, and presumably Japan as well). I got the demo of it with that Demo-1 CD that came with the original PS, but I've never played the full game.


The Fat Raptor
The original game has THE GREATEST MUSIC

Its like epic orchestra choir music.


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Dragoneer said:
System Shock 1 and 2.


SS2 is an incredible game. Everyone needs to play it.

As for my list, I would say:

The Dig


The Fat Raptor

Mobile Suit: Gundam Battle Assault 2



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Carmageddon 2:  This whole series rocked, but 2 was my favorite.  Runnig over pedestrians was never so much fun.
Fallout 1&2:  Got some popularity but not enough.  Excellent RPG's; more freedom than any others I've played and the best world in my opinion.  I love the wastes.
Dungeon Keeper 2:  Run your own dungeon.  What more could you ask for.
Blood:  A FPS that came out in the later Duke Nukem 3d era.  Horror setting, run around and blast zombies, gargoyles and cultists with guns/explosives/weird voodoo weapons.  All out fun.  There was a Blood 2 made but it was terrible.


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Sulacoyote said:
Dragoneer said:
System Shock 1 and 2.


SS2 is an incredible game. Everyone needs to play it.

As for my list, I would say:

The Dig


In Training Digimon
Panzer Dragoon
Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Panzer Dragoon Azel (Saga)
Panzer Dragoon Orta

I've not had the pleasure of playing Orta. I still own Zwei and Saga. Though youd be hard pressed to find a copy of Saga. Very few copies were ever printed and sold.


EVO was a great and underappreciated game. I actually managed to become 'human'. You had a club or threw rocks or something... Also you could transform to a merman underwater!

I can't believe this has yet to be mentioned... SAM AND MAX!


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garudaserpent said:
Oh, I forgot a couple also -
The game Loom by Lucasfilm (waaay back in 1989 or something) was amazing.  It was an adventure game along the lines of King's Quest, but you have no inventory, and you cast spells by singing four-note melodies, and the game ends with the end of the universe (no spoiler there, trust me).  And all the music was by Tchaikovsky.

YESSSS. <3 That is one of my favorite games, EVER. I'm glad someone else has actually heard of it.

I also really like the original Prince of Persia platformers.


The PC so far stands as the king of underappreciated games. Three games in particular are my all time favorites but never really sold.
System Shock 2: The graphics were typical of a 98 shooter (I think the game was released in 95 though) but I had to stop and put the game down for a YEAR because the hybrids had my hands shaking so badly.
Warwind series: Never made it past the sequel, but it was a incredible setting with features that you didn't see again until Warcraft III (four radically sides and NPC critters that actually harass you,) not bad for a sci-fi strategy game released the same time as Command & Conquer or Warcraft II.
I think i should add the original System Shock game in this. The graphics where very nice for its time (and the game was very demanding of your hardware for its time to play in high quality). Good puzzles, well made plot and just fun to play. I also loved its midi soundtrack. Good old midi days...

Another game that is great but not played that widely (i bet due to availability) was Maniac Mansion 2: Day Of The Tentacle. Best point 'n click game. EVER. If you ever play any game on a SCUMM emulator, find that game (CD version for voices). Its totally worth it!


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I agree that Xenosaga is so underrated. I picked up #1 used on a whim and loved it. I picked up #2 and continued. I didn't liked it as much as #1, and I never finished it. I got to this one boss and it was too strong so I tried to backtrack and level up some but the game froze on me. I had that problem with both #1 and 2. I need to pick it back up cuz I got #3 like the week it came out haha.

I loved the two Chrono games too, I rented Chrono Trigger every week (5 day rental) and never could beat it but finally when my dad got it for me for Christmas that year I won haha. I actually bought a PSOne just to get Chrono Cross haha, and I was glad of that. I loved that game and yeah a lot of people did complain but.. it wasn't that bad of a difference, it was awe4some when the CT chars showed up too.:D


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Lesse' what I've got here...

River City Ransom. The original beatdown game back on NES and revamped for GBA which was actually a good remake. If you haven't tried this game, do it!

Stonekeep by Interplay for PC back in the 90's. A first person RPG with a point and click fighting system, puzzles, and inventory; A rune based casting system and cool storyline.

Wacko, made by Midway back in the 80's. It's simple, the graphics aren't great, but the gameplay more than makes up for that.

That's all for now, but I'm sure I'll think of more later.


How could we forget Jazz Jackrabbit? Yes it was cheap and 2D, but the worlds had a creative spin on the fire and ice themes pioneered by Sonic and Mario. How many of us have run around in a giant super computer since?


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I'm one of the handful who loved and enjoyed Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.
It was epic. ;_;
The original release of Ico in Europe. Thank God they re-released it after 5 years of hype through forums, magazines and polls.


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Breath of Fire 3 didn't seem to do too well in England back when it was released. I always loved playing it as well. I'm also agreeing with Dungeon Keeper 2, it's a shame I don't have it anymore cause it was a really addicting game.

I'm also going to throw Animal Crossing in, not because it was underapreciated per-se, but because alot of people I know found it hard to get past how childish the game looked, when you did however you were onto a winner of a game.