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I noticed that like 50% of everyone's characters have them. Not like propper undercuts that dykey-cybergoths have when it's like shoulder length on top and bare-blade shaved sides & back with no blending. I mean like eye-length on top, buzzed sides & back and blended, then styled up into side-frindges and spikes and whatnot.

Anyway does anyone actually have one? If so then could you post up a picture of them please. As it is, I've said at the end of the summer I want to shave my hair into one. But I haven't seen many actual real people weilding one, after all it's not exactly a mainstream style, and I don't want to end up looking like a fag.


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what the hell is an undercut.

This. I have no fraking idea what you're talking about...

a hairstyle in which the sides and back are shaved and long hair is grown at the top of the head
A very common sort of haircut worn by people with opinions. Often associated with bands like 36 Crazyfists, Avenged Sevenfold, and Dredg. Excessive use of undercuts in association with strumming of chords can cause sudden precipitation, even inside. See also dyess


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I've... Honestly never really seen a character with an undercut. No, wait, I've seen a couple. But not like 50%. This sort of thing is like... Just not popular. I couldn't even visualize this when I read the OP.


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So that's what that hairstyle's called... Yeah, my fursona has one. But in the front it's like Kairi from Shugo Chara's hair.


Mine are all bald. Well not GB but she has long hair and bangs.


I'm getting a mullet visual here....


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This is the true undercut. I've no idea what your trying to describe? Why not go ask a hairdresser? Or look it up online? Google images are great, and if your as bad at googling as I am you'll get radom porn sites too:cool:
Teh one in teh oh yeah picture is exactly what my fursona has except Xeric's is longer in teh front.