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(Commission) Selling: Unique Artwork and a Handful of Discounts!


New Member
Hey there! I'm Atlas! I've been making art for over a decade now and I've finally decided to try and join up with this community, which I've admired from afar for quite some time now. I keep all of my commission information organized on this page but I'll include a short summary and some examples of my work here as well!

Some things to know:
  • I know it's important to some people, so I'll let you know that I am proship.
  • I work on commissions Monday-Thursday, typically after 6PM EST.
  • I will draw almost anything! Any fandom, pairing, OC, kink, fetish, etc. My only exception is real-life people. Characters played by actors are fine, but not the actors themselves for example.
  • When I finish art, I post a watermarked version and give you the full-res clean one. It's your choice to post that one or not.
I offer a couple of discounts!
  • Any kink, fetish, animal, etc will be discounted by 10%! This is so I can still practice making new things but you don't have to pay full price for something I'm not entirely confident in.
  • Commissioning me for anything involving my own OCs will get you a 5% discount! They don't have to be the focus of the piece to qualify for this discount.
A general overview of the art I make:
  • Fandom art
  • Original art
  • Digital paintings
  • Character turnarounds
  • Environment designs
  • Concept art
  • Comics
  • NSFW and gore
Please feel free to contact me on furaffinity, twitter, or add me on discord (boyo.#9670) to talk!