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Quitters never win, winners never quit.
Hello everyone! This is my first adopt ever made. Original this was going to be a gift for someone, but they didn't like it, so here I am trying to sell him ha. It would really mean a lot to me if someone could take him off of my hands.

SB: $10 USD
MI: $5 USD
AB1: $50 USD
AB2: $75 USD (Comes with a free headshot/icon with expression of choice that will be completed 2-3 days after purchase)

The auction will end 24 hours after the last bid (or if it gets to that point, as soon as it hits $75)
If you win the bid, or auto buy, you will receive transparent, high resolution images of both the clothed and unclothed versions.

-Once you purchase him, you are free to change gender, color, name, and clothes. I will however, not do any of these edits for you.
-If you use/post this specific piece of art you receive, credit for the art is appreciated, but you do not need to credit me for any image created by you or another person.
-I currently only accept payments through PayPal.

If you'd like this charming fellow, bid here! www.furaffinity.net: Thylacine/Caracal/Wolf Hybrid Adopt Auction (OPEN) by RangerReb

This is also on DA:
I will inform anyone who bids here of competing bids.


Quitters never win, winners never quit.
Bump! I'd even take just 10 at this point....