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Uno - constructive criticism?


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This is Uno:


A funky little bat rabbit. I decided to try and make him my first official fursuit and have finally gotten a mini partial done. (Some colours were changed around from the initial design and Im still waiting for blue fur to arrive)

Im looking to get some critic and advise as Im thinking of becoming a maker! I will try to include detailed pictures as I can:

I started with the hands which I nade essentially like this. Covered the digits in felt and brushed them out. Something I need to fix though is sewing the tips of the gloves inside to the tips of the fingers since they get all bunched up and awkward to put on when you take your hand out.

This was the head before most of the carving was done

Now with is carved and my intention for the nose (it didnt quite turn out that way and Im trying to find a way to fix it)

I got some fur on. He has no eyes which is unsettling so I nope them. As youcan see the nose became quite boxy and I wanted his lower lip to be in more of an upside down V like the drawing. Perpetually pouting.
Lots more of his face now "finished":



Some concerns I have are: should I haved used more long fur? His fur tends to look messy and fluffed up a lot even after I brush him. The second it gets touched or moved it ruffles. Is that just a normal thing and youre just careful about taking pictures or is that a fur quality thing or am I just over thinking things because he is my precious child?

I think the eyes might be a little too 'side set' like a bird too much and I may narrow the bridge of his nose so they look forward more.

His cheeks?? Dont seem fat enough?? I dont know how to fix this without ripping off fur and refoaming. I know wasting materials is a given in fursuit making but if someone has a solution? (Could I sew on a few wedges of longer fur to disguise them maybe?)

I dont have photos but Im sure someone whos made a bulky tail like this one knows the struggle: I cant get it to sit flat on my back. It sags down. Solution?

Anything else you see that my novice eye might have missed please let me know! And dont just straight up hate on it Im looking to improve from my mistakes here.
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