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Unofficial Newcomer's Guide to Furaffinity Forums

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Summercat said:
Moderator's Note: This list is an unofficial list compiled by Furaffinity forum users, and is a suggested guideline for interacting with other forum users. None of these are official forum rules, nor will forum administrators and moderators be referring to this list for enforcement of rules. If you have any questions, send a PM to a forum moderator or administrator.

Thanks cerbrus for fixing the spelling.

I did shorten some of them though and now with correct grammar.
  1. Don’t make yet another, "what if you were your fursona" thread, we've seen far too many.
  2. This is not the mainsite, so don't expect us to treat you the same, aka expect a verbal beatdown if you start acting like an idiot.
  3. Don’t claim you are being "fursecuted"
  4. Place threads in the correct area, don't automatically put it in the den.
  5. You can get away with saying you dislike humanity if you give a good reason. You can get away with saying you like some animal's traits, if you give a good reason. "BAAAW HYOOMANS" will get you a verbal lashing and probably have you labeling this place as a troll-den in short order.
  6. Literacy is appreciated.
  7. Don't broadcast your fetish. Having a link to your FA with your favorites full of fetish? Not too bad, unless some of the more controversial / disturbing fetishes. Repeatedly stating your fetish or making threads on its subject, or only responding when your fetishes come under questioning? Bad call. Very bad call.
  8. Don't join because something you like is getting dissed. If you have already joined for such, don't post in such a matter yet. If you already have, stop posting in there for a bit and talk in other subjects. If the only reason you joined is to defend your fetishes, you're not going to be taken seriously on here.
  9. Capslock is NOT Cruise-Control for cool.
  10. We aren't a hugbox? And that the majority of us would rather troll you than give a shit about your LOlKawaiiDeSU posts.
  11. Don’t be a weeaboo, or omg waffles spork random.
  12. Do not create a username that involves obsessing over a certain cartoon character, and do not refer to said character in your user title and species and signature and location.
    People will hate you.
  13. If you don't know what the heck is going on stay on the side.
  14. Lurk more. Really. Quit getting in such a big hurry to make a post on this forum. Observe more, talk less.
  15. Search function. For the love of whatever you hold sacred, use the damn search function before you post
  16. Some forums are completely accepting of necroing threads. This isn't one of those forums. If you don't check the last post date and post in a dead thread, you WILL be infracted.
  17. The mods sticky some threads for a reason. It's to announce and explain rules, as well as to end overused threads. If you are a good member, you had read these rules and have posted in the appropriate threads.
  18. Don’t obsess over some comic then complain to us when we place our opinions.
  19. We are not your therapist!
  20. We do not care that you are "leaving forever" if you're leaving due to drama.
  21. You are not an essential member of this forum: we did fine before you arrived, we'll do fine after you leave.
  22. Don’t take our apathy or general dislike for your sob story or whatever as being blatantly mean.
  23. You are entitled to your opinion. That does not mean we need to give a shit. That does not mean you are right. Just because you believe it does not mean we need to agree or care.
  24. You posted to a public forum. That means anyone can comment. Stop complaining because people disagree with you.
  25. Keep anime in The Tube.
  26. Memes are frowned upon by the moderators, regardless of who uses them.
  27. FAF will tolerate you, we do NOT have to accept everything you do just cause we are furries
  28. Do not try to rally us for your causes as there is a 80% chance of us not caring really.
  29. Don’t expect anyone significant in the world (i.e., celebrities) to be furries just because they do something with anthropomorphic animals or something like that.
  30. The forum will not change because something is slightly inconvenient to you.
  31. You’re not being judged by your Fursona. If you're a fox and act like a slut, you'll be treated like a slut. If you're an okay person, you'll be treated as an okay person. Nevertheless you will be teased no matter what you pick.
  32. Furry is not a sexuality
  33. Do not "come out" as a furry.
  34. Having an animal for your fursona does not make you an expert on that animal. Reading the wiki page does not make you an expert either.
  35. Anthro is the character, furry is the fan.
  36. Don’t flaunt your furry pride in real life or online.
  37. If you wear ears, tails, collars, leashes, etc...In public people will make fun of you. We will make fun of you if you whine about it because you definitely should have seen that coming.
  38. NEVER mention that CSI episode or anything on the media that has "mocked" furries.
    They are irrelevant, old, and just stupid.
  39. Don’t act like a prick because you are an artist
  40. Being popular in the furry fandom does not make you important.
  41. Do not expect pity if you spent all your money on commissions.
  42. Furry is not a religion.
  43. We don't care about Second Life.
  44. Don’t try to scam people, you are not that clever.
  45. Don’t try to troll here. If you have to point out you are a troll, you failed.
  46. Quotes don't make you clever. Repeating Colbert, Family Guy, whatever is tired and gets old.
  47. If you get mad, stop, take a breath, and do something else for a while. Do not rage in the thread.
  48. If you do something stupid, stop, take a breath, and do something else for a while. We will forget.
  49. If someone is offering free art, be quiet, patient, and thankful, it is a gift.
  50. If you registered only to promote your art / request an unimportant object / write about your fetishes - don't.
  51. Everything you say in FAF can and will be used against you in case you fail.
  52. If you fail, don't make a drama thread about it and whine about how evil we are.
  53. Do not compare FAF to FA - that's NOT the same thing.
  54. There are rules about spreading hate in FAF - enjoy your ban.
  55. The fact that we are an internet database of win does not make us /b/tards.
  56. We couldn't care less about your problems if you type it like "baw mah mther punced me today cuz i told her bout me fury".
  57. If it's a must, a moderator or an admin will help you on your way out.
  58. Do not request to delete your account.
  59. Scary, uncaring monsters be here. Don't complain because somebody expressed their real opinion about you.
  60. Don’t join spam threads because they "look cool and have all the cool people in it.
  61. Don’t go around randomly adding friends.
  62. Quote and multi-quote are your best friends. They prevent you from double posting. If you do not know what that means just ask, also learn the edit button.
  63. Every poster has the right to judge your actions and behavior regardless of the situation.
  64. This is not a dating site.
  65. We HATE zoophiles.
  66. You can always lurk more.
  67. 99% of the time, if a mod says you did something wrong, they are correct.
  68. Don’t add the word fur to every word
  69. 69 jokes aren't funny.
  70. See those stickies in The Den? That means the thread was overused. Be more creative than "What if you woke up and you were a furry?"
  71. Go outside, please. Just every now and then. Seriously.
  72. Not all furries are gay, 42.61% are straight, 32.82% bi and finally 24.57% gay.
  73. Trolling is an art, don't do it unless you are funny or you have godlike skill at it (Warning: we will mock you if you fail) Addendum by Corto: Even if you excel at it, Trolling is still the most retarded "art form". Don't do it.
  74. If someone catches you in a lie or you realize you're on the wrong side of an argument, no, you were not actually trolling everyone the whole time. Apologize or admit your wrongdoing and don't be such a proud douchebag.
  75. Do not post in a thread that the latest comment was a month or more ago, that is called necro-ing, there is a rule against that and you will get a infraction.
  76. Try your best not to get an infraction.
  77. We don't need to know your fetishes. If your identity is not separate from your fetishes, please go away or rectify this.
  78. Do not make threads asking if any other furries are in your area, there is a actual forum rule against this, doing so will get you an infraction.
  79. :V means sarcasm
  80. Read the opening statement.
  81. Don’t use fonts or colors difficult to read.
  82. Request is a free drawing, a Commission means you pay. Please remember this when you request art.
  83. If you have a bad experience with a person on FA main, do not come here to complain.
  84. If you have a bad experience with an artist/customer, do not come here to bitch, go to artist beware.

    The reason for these rules is so you don't have to learn the hard way
    Follow these or people will hate you.
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Resistance is futile! If 0 ohm
Re: Newcommers guide to FaF: the final version.

Also mods it'd probably be best to sticky this and lock it so drama like what happened with the first one doesn't break out again.


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Just a final note from the moderators:

We reserve the right to make edits to these guidelines to fall in line with our rules and procedures. While these are not the official rules, we will be editing this list to bring them in line with the official rules. We would appreciate if people would consider these while posting, as it would make our jobs easier.


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I'd like to point out this thread is likely to be retired soon and replaced with a more... shall we say, "graceful" thread reworded for the community as it is.

If this sounds like an idea you'd personally be interested in, be sure to let me know. I would love to hear from some community members in possibly working with me on a proper thread.
If it doesn't end up being something done... this post will likely be deleted. So with that said, let's see if we can work on a proper official Newcomer's Guide!
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