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Critique: Unusual body suit crafting idea - would this even work??


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I currently own a partial fursuit (that I made myself), and have been thinking hard about making my first bodysuit. But I've had some (early) unusual ideas on exactly * how * to make it.

Usually when I look up how to make a body suit, it's basically crafting a homemade onezee with some fur over it. Complicated measurements and everything. And I get why people make it that way: it's just a suit with one zipper, making you look like a big plushy animal. It's traditional to the fandom, and it works.

I have a much simpler concept in mind, but I'm a bit nervous to just build it and see if it works, because I've never heard of anyone do it this way. It could either be an instant success, or a complete waste of money.

My idea, essentially, is to take some stretchy athletic clothes that fit well enough, and sew some fur over that, essentially making a "2-piece fursuit" that you slip on like normal clothes. And as a large-fur lover and general weirdo, I would love to give it an inflatable belly, and it doesn't seem that hard to just sandwich some kind of inflatable bit between 2 of the same shirts sewn together. Of course, I'd still have to shape the fur to the inflation's capacity, but my fursona usually wears a hoodie or light jacket anyways, so it wouldn't be a problem to have the front fur sagging a little in result of it's fullest shape.

My first thought as to why I've never heard of it done like this, would be because of the weight of the fur. Wouldn't really be worth it to waste a good pair of athletic pants, only for it to start drooping when you walk due to the added fur. Of course, I might be able to hide an added belt loop in plain sight, by having some extra fur droop down from the shirt. Or maybe have some buckles underneath the shirt to connect to the pants. And it's not like an air-filled pouch would do much to weigh down the shirt. For as unnecessarily complicated as it all sounds, I still think it sounds easier than measuring my entire body to craft the suit as a whole. (at least with the ways I work and learn as a person)

Also, I work a warehouse job with a lot of movement, and my usual outfit involves an athletic shirt under a flannel - so wearing a shirt (2 shirts with the added belly feature, technically) of that texture with added fur shouldn't be unbearably hot, as far as I know. Heck, usually inflatable suits require some kind of rubber underneath, which is WAY more awful and sweaty than a normal suit, based on what I've heard. So hypothetically, this idea makes it both easier to put on and less hot to wear.

For anybody who's crafted a suit, or have thought about crafting a suit: does this whole concept sound reasonable or completely stupid? It's still a VERY early idea, so there could be problems that I'm not even seeing. But I just felt like throwing this out there to see what anyone thinks of it. Have fun? Do your worst? I don't know how to end a forum post like this XD. Yeah. Uh.... /end post.


Lobie the Cartoonist
I'm not well-versed in fursuit-making—I only just started making my first head—but experimentation is always a win in my eyes. If it doesn't work out, you'll definitely lose some cash, but you'll learn what didn't work and why. (You could even try again, using what you've learned as leverage.) If it does work out, you'll make something super cool, and be able to share your findings to help other suit makers! :D
In my opinion, your idea seems doable enough. I'd ask a more experienced suitmaker for advice, though.


Gof'nn Hupadgh
I am also very new, but the thing you're describing is basically what Im doing! This is literally my first try on all of this, so I'll probably personally mess it up, but: Spark!/SparkyBites! has a very good tutorial on slim digi legs that I started with.

I'm still figuring out how to pad the arms and belly of my shirt until I'm happy with it (my 'sona is a bit chubbier than me), but it's been so much easier (also, less tape needed) to work on a stuffed full shirt than make a whole dtd. Just have to remember to measure yourself and stuff it to the same thickness, so you don't get fur that's too tight or too loose.


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I'm wondering this too! But for athletic clothes, for women at least, I find they're made to stretch. So that could cause a few issues if you try to put fur on something when the material is relaxed.

My second guess is that not everyone is confident in their own skin so the baggier the better.

Kellan Meig'h

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I'll point out, it's going to be next to impossible to sew fur onto a stretch garment properly. Stop and think; when you take the athletic garment off, it shrinks dwn to its original size. How are you going to know how much fur to sew on and where to position it? Keep in mind, only that horribly expensive fur from NFT has 4-way stretch. Regular fur has a small amount of stretch, not enough to do what you're thinking of doing.

When it comes to working with faux fur to make a suit, this isn't the time to reinvent the wheel. To create a suit with an inflatable belly, you will need NFT 4-way stretch fur. $40 USD average for 1 sq ft. You read that right - ONE square foot. And you will want nice regular fur to match it so your suit looks nice. Oz Kangaroo does an inflatable fursuit, if you're interested. Look on YouTube for it.

BTW, The Old Warhorse Ver 2.0 will be all NFT 4-way. The thing is, the closer a suit fits, the less airspace inside to gain heat from your body and make you overheat. Also, the backing is kind of sparce so the air flows thorugh it quite easily. The idea is to have a suit that I don't need to wear a cooling vest under but stretchy enough to wear one if needed at a Con where the AC broke down or whatever.


Gof'nn Hupadgh
For me, I need something I can get into and out of on my own, which means my suit is going to end up in 10 pieces, heh. My husband has agreed to be my handler, but he is epileptic, so in case of an emergency on his part, I can't be stuck inside. He hasn't had a random seizure in years, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Plus, this design seemed smaller/slimmer than most suit designs I've seen, and my 'sona always wears a whole ass set of clothes, so I figured as a bonus, I'd be able to fit into overalls and a flannel shirt of my husband's!

And of course, you do need to be wearing the thing to measure for fur placement, necessitating a helping hand. Or else, like you said, it shrinks down to the wholly wrong size. Or, measure obsessively and stuff the shirt and pants to your exact size.

I learned there is a damn good reason SparkyBites! has a model wearing hers while she was working. I didn't at first, ruined a set of leggings and a bunch of foam: wouldn't stretch back out after gluing.

All I have right now are digi legs made with leggings and with a second pair of leggings stretched over top, but tbh... after you're done gluing foam to pad them out, the under set is permanently stuck streched out.

Personally, I did spend $600 on stretch fur (so excited for it to arrive on Monday!), but I'm not gonna start cutting that stuff until after I've made my first, terrible set out of this cheap stuff I found at Joanne's.. And if it's a total failure, I'll just have wasted $50, not hundreds.

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
You know, a large number of suits have front zippers that once you've taken off your head and gloves, just like taking off coveralls.

Well, you've covered one method of digi-legs. Most don't put an outer layer of legging fabric on, though. I would think some heavy opaque pantyhose, glued in strategic places to hold them on would be better.

Only $600? I was looking at close to $2,000 USD for fur from NFT.


Gof'nn Hupadgh
I only needed enough for the legs and I'm short lol. At least...I hope I only need it for the legs. And, at the moment, besides that, I'm using left overs from my husband's fabric piles to kinda...prototype the outer fur layer so the second leggings are for drawing the pattern on and mimicing a cover (my foaming is lumpy, and it make it easy to see where smoothing is needed).

I very well may try some pantyhose now that you mention it. It sure seems cheaper. And I have a year to try and retry: looks like motor city fur con won't happen this year either.

Over all, the top seems easiest so far. Just need a "fur jacket" to slip on and off. I've ruined so much of his upholstery foam with legs, he's starting to get annoyed, hah.
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