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Unusual collections.


Bubba be addicted to 2 stroke
Not realy odd, but 80's models toyota pickups and parts. So much yota.


Sophisticated Snake
Nobody in their sane mind would want to keep such a cursed piece of mother russia's history.
Except a 16-y-old Russian with only $400 that wants to go to a demolition derby.
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Posing school graduate
I collect random junk and dust XP


She do a blep
I collect dice. It started when I was really into playing D&D and got my first set from Chessex. It kind of stemmed from there, and soon enough I had the Dice Bag of Infinite Holding.

Now my collection fills one of these things. Aside from having some of each die in a standard set in a variety of colors, I also have
-3 30-sided dice, one with letters on it (a la Scattergories)
-7 20-sided Spindown life counters from Magic: the Gathering
- a large six sided die (about the size of a small orange)
- a large 20-sided die (about the size of a larger orange)
- a 52-sided die (yeah, didn't think these were out there. It looks a little like a top)
- 100-sided die (looks like a golf ball)
- standard RPG set in miniature size (the D20 is about as big as my thumbnail)


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I've started collecting ancient Greek coins with boys and men whose genitalia is showing.

I've actually gotten a handful of pieces so far. You would be surprised how much currency had dicks on it back then.


The Iron Masked Cat in the FAF
I collect anime.
Not sure if that's odd to collect though.


The Grain of Salt
I collect masks although I only have 3 right now. I'm really picky and poor. Not a good combo.
I have 4 marionettes (string puppets), but I'm was not actively collecting them... I had two that I liked for their own reasons and someone gave me two more.
I would say I collect throwing knives and darts (not dartboard darts though I have two of 'em), but I lost half of them somehow. They were either misplaced or stolen and I only had 10 or so. I have a few decorative knives and a machete from Vietnam.
I really am a Lego maniac. Been collecting since I was 5. So 20 years. Not incredibly unusual, but I'm committed at least.

I started collecting colorful or interesting socks crew length to knee-high. I wear them to accentuate my outfit. :B
I collect "art materials" which amounts to a pile of junk and different kinds of paper. They are appropriately all in a giant trash bag, but it is not allowed to be thrown away. I even collected the fallen whiskers from my cats in case I ever wanted to make a mask with real cat whiskers.

Add: I forgot, I also am collecting hats. Fedoras, laplanders, beanies, bucket hats, military caps, paperboy caps, etc. I don't like regular baseball caps though. I have one that is Adventure Time themed. One of my laplanders has panda ears. :3 I also have a Scooby Doo laplander.
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The Sergal that Didn't Vore
Currently have a lovely collection of empty Red Bull cans on my desk. They are getting me through my exams.

But in all seriousness, I collect small ceramic dragon figurines. The first one I got was in France. I have about 4 or 5 now (very small collection).


The wettest wolf
I have soooooo many collections, lets start:

-Hotel keys
-Belt Buckles
-Pokemon cards
-Bouncy balls
-And more

Really, I just collect hotel keys, belt buckles, and the occasional knife these days. Gotta save up for the 1st gen mustang


Hit 'em right between the eyes
I collect artbooks. Very expensive hobby.

I also collect lots of images. Pretty much anything I see that I like, right click > save.