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Unusual Question...


where my frogs at?
RE:     Unusual Question...

Ziba the lioness said:
silverwolfe said:
Ziba the lioness said:
emptyF said:
i walk digitigrade irl.

Welcome to the club :p I do too, except when Im wearing shoes, which I hate to wear

Wow, I'm not the only weird one here. :D

Nope =p I thought I was the only weird one here XD being a lifestyler furry.. Havnt seen other lifestylers on here, yet.. And its suposed to be a place for furries! XD

i had no idea other people walked like that too. . .small world after all.

but really. . .how would chairs work in a backwards knee world?????


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'Reverse knees', digitigrade, 'jack legs'.  It's all good.  Plantigrade too.  I do think digitigrade feet look better maybe because they're less human looking.  To me bare digitigrade paws look right and feel right probably because I tend to walk that way.  I'm not adding another level of quoting to those other posts but I guess I'm weird too.


Plantigrade is all that matters and is pretty much the only one to make much sense on a near-permanent upright bipedal creature.


It depends on what I'm drawing, and also the character. In my furry verse, most furs are plantigrade, but some have the recessive digitigrade gene.
But some are no-brainers, like I'd never make a digitigrade bear or red panda. :p That just makes no sense (and yet I have seen digitigrade artwork of both).
Always depends on the character, in my opinion. Like if I'm drawing Janus or Muse, it's plantigrade. If Sasayaki or the newest version of Ruben (the old one's a crap recolor), then digitigrade.