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Unusually animals you have seen walking about town?


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a couple months ago my car was overheating and the church i ended up pulling into had 3 camels out front with handlers, didnt go near them though(they can hoch a lugie 15 ft with acuracy) and although its native, i saw a copperhead today!

Adelio Altomar

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When I first got here, I saw what looked like a snowy white wolf shivering out by the dumpsters in the rain about a 100 meters away. =O

I looked at me and I looked at it and it was so strange. Didn't look like a domestic dog, that's for sure.


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I saw a fox in front of my school.


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The high school my ex went to used to have an infestation of iguanas. Seriously. There was about two dozen of them that lived in an old oak tree on campus. No one's sure where they came from, but the most likely explanation was released or runaway pets... they used to attack the students (which only added to the "most dangerous school in northern kentucky" reputation). We had a real bad winter a few years back, though, and they died off.


Never anything I'd consider unusual. My criteria for "unusual" is a little more strict, I suppose.


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Well I saw a red Fox a bunch of timnes in my old elemantry school. I actually saw it walking on the school ground no joke. There were rumors that it live under the spanish portable. lol. I had'nt seen in the last years of school ;_; I hope its alright