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Upholstery foam question


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So I need to make a cosplay and I'm going to use the method of making a fursuit to create it, but I'm looking around for rolls of upholstery foam(Australia btw) to make the base for it and there are is a bunch of different densities when it comes to it.

What kind of density foam works best for making a head?

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
It doesn't have to be a high density foam. A nice medium density foam would work just fine. I'm not sure how extensive your local "Big Box" store sewing department is but you might be able to get some foam there.


aka Cutter Cat
There is a green colored foam that is available if you can find it. It lasts better than the tan colored foam and doesn't degrade in sunlight. Even though your foam is covered in fur, ultra violet light can get to it and over a long period of time (years) it will get start breaking down. I really wouldn't worry too much about that though. If you can score some old couches that are being thrown out, you can always use the foam from that.


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If its stupid but works, its not stupid.

Wish I knew how to make suits though. I know how to make Damascus knives, but not furrsuits. :-/ meh.