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Account Problem: Uploading a GIF avatar?


NemesisPrime92 on FA
Forgive me, I'm not very tech savvy so bear with me here, oh, and btw I'm new to the forum! Been on the site for some time now, but never on the forums so, hi!! :D

So, I see a lot of GIF avatars on users' profiles and I'd like to know the steps of uploading, resizing and making one work? I'm running a Mac with OS-X 10.9.5 software if that matters.
I have a few small GIFs in mind to use, but, apparently they aren't small enough so is there a way to resize them without ruining the quality and movement of the GIF?

Thanks in advance for any help!


You can resize the gif here >> Resize animated GIF | GIFGIFs

It should keep it animated, and as long as it is 100px x 100px and an accepted format (as shown by FA's uploader) then it should work.

If it doesn't show after uploading, and you get no error message, try clearing your cache and it should show up.