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Main Site Uploading solutions for dummies? (or at least, new members?)


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So I'm trying to reconnect with the furry fandom after years of just floating, so I'm here again. I've already uploaded something to my account on the main site, but it's so much different than deviantart, which is what I'm used to. (Granted, deviantart has gotten a bit less user friendly ever since they changed the whole design of the site, but I'm just getting distracted here.) The first thing I uploaded was a large file, and with large files, the transparency was lost until I shrunk it a bit and updated the main file. The size limit says it's 1280x1280, but that doesn't seem right. The dimensions I shrunk my first submission to are 4000x3067, and transparency has been kept. Is that just how it goes? You submit something meant to be mangled by the uploading process at first, then tweak it slightly and update it? Or am I missing something here?

If there's another thread that talks about it already, with guides on how to work with, or around, the uploading process, please redirect me to it. If you're wanting to know what I'm trying to upload, I can send the deviantart link to it.


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Replacing the original upload file with another one (or even uploading the same file again through the replace-submission-file function - it doesn’t actually need to have any changes) will circumvent the 1280x1280 limitation.


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If you're struggling with a transparent image you might have to change the file type and experiment. I had a submission that wouldn't be transparent until I changed it to a gif. file and re-uploaded it (it's now a JPEG - wound up changing it because the smaller version looks better, but you can see the transparent one on the artist's profile). It's a bit annoying when you first join, but once you figure out the file types that make FA warm and fuzzy, you'll be fine. I also use this website to change images. I think doing it yourself in photoshop might lead to better quality, but it's nice if you don't have photoshop and just want something done quickly.