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Today I am posting up my commissions, I am pretty new here so bare with me. I really need some cash because I'm saving up to fix four kittens that my barn cats had, as that is the condition of me keeping them. + after that I'm gonna want a new drawing tablet. :)

Please be aware that I:
-will not do any NSFW art, I'm sorry but it makes me really uncomfortable and I'm not okay with it.
-Can only do traditional and pixel commissions right now as my tablet is broken
-am a student/have responsibilities in my home/help admin various servers/ and may have other commissioners, I will keep you updated on your commission I promise but I might take a week or two.
-will give you the paypal email when you comment
-will not be accepting art trades at this time


You have a choice between white paper or brown paper.

Flat bust $7
Shaded bust $8
+background $10
+Shaded background $11

Flat full body $12
Shaded full body $13
+background $15
+shaded background $16


headshot with shaded background $5

Flat bust $5
Shaded bust $6
+background $8
+shaded background $9

Flat full body $10
Shaded bust $11
+background $15
+shaded background $16

deviantart information is here :
becksters-the-beast.deviantart.com: Urgent Commissions (OPEN) PayPal accepted commission journal with examples
Becksters-The-Beast on DeviantArt account (to see more artwork examples)
Userpage of Overlordbeck -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

thanks for viewing!