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*Urgent* Nicky the Husky


Moon Moon
I'm sure you guys have talked to or seen Nicky the Husky on here, well his family found out he is gay and now they are threating him with violence. His uncle has already punched him and made him bleed. I'm not exactly sure what to do, but Nick is in a dangerous and dark spot. He lives in California so he's on the other side of the US from me or I'd help.

Any help or words of encouragement is greatly appreciated and needed. Please at least send some love his way, thank you.


The Awakened
Oh my god, that is terrible and sickening.
I can relate on hearing stories like these, I have friends who've been through it.
A parent or relative who treats their child like that for living their lives the way they actually want, is a very bad one!

That's not love.
True parents support their kids for what they do and like, regardless if it is what they want for their kids or not.

This kind of activity disgusts me to extraordinary levels.
I will do what I can for Nicky. He is in mine, and all of our hearts~
You are all close with him, and I am glad to have met him as my friend.

For Nicky, himself -
You are a very kind and caring person. When I met you, you definitely had me at cheery and helped make my day.
Do not let your parents or anyone treat you poorly; avoid it.. Hang in there. You have to get by.. For your own safety.
I am so sorry you go through that, and I hope for the best.. I definitely think you should just, at all cost, avoid the violence.

If you were hit by your uncle, you most certainly should call or go get some help from a close friend, or certified society person(like a counselor) so you can spill your story to them, and let a solution to this situation take place.
I'm so sorry, and I am here for you as is your friends in this community. We won't let you fall back.. You have to hang in there, and if it helps to talk to us, then please do.. If it doesn't, then just please make sure you are safe.


ohhh so THIS was the post he was talking about. whoops xD


Inglorious Bastard


Monkey Magic c(^o^)ɔ
I hope you're ok Nicky. You're too nice and kind of a person to deserve to be treated like that! If you can please contact a friend or a relative you trust and get out of their. We're all here for you buddy.


Airship Gunner
Nicky! You'll get through this! I know you will! Stay Safe and keep positive. You got this! If you can feel free to PM me to talk or whatever, I might not get back to you right away but i will ASAP.


Draws with Claws
Oh my gosh! That's terrible!
I've seen you around the forums, Nicky, and I know how kind and awesome you are! I can't do much to help your situation, but please feel free to contact me if you need someone to talk to! Please keep us updated and stay safe!


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Hey there, Nicky, I hope you're OK. I came out in the 80s, in a small town, and damn, that was hard...never got any direct violence from my family, but did get beat up a few times...stay strong, and if ya need to talk, shoot me a PM.

Have ya ever seen the site called Empty Closets forums? It can be good for coming out advice and just for LGBT support, and maybe the mods there can help ya out with finding a safe place.

Thinking of ya,

I am at a loss for words on how messed up that is but I can't tell my family that im Bi-sexual because of hardcore christian family they wouldnt hit me but they wouldnt talk to me for years if I told them but stay strong and go to your friends because good friends always have your back they are family too