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Main Site User Name change option?


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How about finally adding this feature to Furaffinity itself, as in the art site? I have wanted to change it for ages but all I have been told is that I'd need to make a new account (and lose all the views and watches and favs accumulated since 2006, so no thanks).
Are we any closer to this being possible? I am rather tired of seeing the same "this might be coming in the future" answer. I have been registered here for more than a decade... one'd think some improvements could have happened to whatever html programming runs this site since then that makes this possible. If nothing else then maybe admins should have the option to create a new user name and migrate the stats of an existing user to it?


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This is something we're working on. We don't have an ETA at this time, but once it's available we'll put it out the option to the general community so anyone can rename as desired.