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Users VS Staff Members (Ver. 2)


Guys, story time! This is one of my favorite stories that I was told a lot when I was little, and maybe you guys will like it to! I don't know why they told me explicitly only this story, but whatever!

Ugly Barnacle
"There was an ugly barnacle."
"He was so ugly that everyone died."
"The end."

If you guys don't get the reference, I will be very disappointed! xd



You know what guys? I'll stop here for today. I know I am shy 20 of the goal of 500, but I dunno, it feels so awkward with just me being in here talking to myself lol not like I mind, but wouldn't want you guys thinking I'm more weird than you already think I am lmao

480! Woo!~


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
*hugs tightly*

Still super huggable though. True of many of us. Trying to shed some weight myself but lack time to go to the gym for a proper work out so just trying to eat better most days