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Uummm... Hi!


Alien Puppy
Hi hello!! I'm Toby! I just joined the forums because I am jumping back into the fandom! I was around a bit and then life happened and blah blah blah.... here I am!!

I am a 24 year old, Alien Puppy who just wants to make some friends! I literally have no friends left from the fandom!! I am non-binary and pan!

I love crafts and baking and am usually doing one or the other when I have free time! I just bought supplies to make a fursuit head, so that's going to be my big undertaking for the next while! I am a designer by trade, and work in kid's clothes! I love to get dressed up, though I sort of hate my whole closet rn haha. I am a wanna be gamer who just got their first big PC! I mostly run around in Stardew lately, but am always looking for friends with good game recs!

Gosh, I have no idea what to say. I love cute things!? And stickers! I'm like obsessed with stickers and stationary!!

Okay um! Say hi? Maybe? Idk I'll be floating around the forums!


Heya Toby! Welcome back! I like cute things too, I mean who doesn’t!~ <3

Hopefully I’ll see ya around in the forums if you plan to stay a while! ^_^

Matt the Terrier

Swing the Mood! =3
Alien puppy, eh? I'm an alien that looks like a Scottish Terrier, so yeah ^ ^


Just a fox.
Oooooh, can I interest you in some lovely World of Warcraft?! Half-jokes aside, welcome back!

I too, just finished my nice new computer! I put it together myself, first time to do so and it took me a week. But I learned a lot! What games are you interested in / currently play?

I hope you have a lot of fun here and make some great friends. If you want to chat, please feel free to message me!

And if you're interested in WoW.......


trans girl, arctic fox, dingus.
Welcome! We're more than happy to have you here! Free hugs for you!
And uh, just....hold still real quick...

there we go.